Customized Black Spice Girls Outside Bag Side Backpack / 17 colors optional /

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Customized Black Spice Girls Outside Bag Side Backpack / 17 colors optional /


/ Example style / ● First picture of goods Figure 2 / special section - tannins Figure 3 / canvas section - imitation gray Figure 3 / special cloth - folk ● Canvas section - licorice ● special cloth - tea flannel ● special cloth - dark blue flannel / Spice Girls Outer Bag Color Card / Special cloth Introduction: * Pink serrated - fabric weave different and special lines. * Imitation of the old series - after dyeing have been washed with canvas, cloth has a slight local whitening, imitation of the original wrinkle texture. * Earth camouflage, folk - earth color printing cloth. / How do I make my spice girl outside the bag? / Spice girl outside the bag custom black version, fixed above the black canvas, the bottom of the bottom can choose color! Customization steps are very simple, as long as the color from the 21 color card, the selection of the bottom to use the cloth color is completed, the next single selection of the corresponding style options can be! / Self introduction/ Light and practical canvas splicing package models, can be side / back / handle three kinds of usage, within the body covered with thin canvas inside and inside the bag, the mouth is a copper button switch design for the security check, bag size design can To accommodate A4 documents and books, so that students and office workers can take care of him live with no worries. / Height and weight / Length 30 X 36 cm, the bottom width of 9 cm, can be horizontal A4 file, long belt length of about 100 cm. / The same series of goods / Custom White White Girl Outside Bag >> Spice Girls Outside Bag White >> Spice Girls Outside Bag Black >> Spice Girls Outside Bag Wine >> Spice Girls Outside Bag Sky Blue >> Spice Girls Outside Yellow >> / Clean up / Quickly wash hands with water. In order to avoid staining the upper and lower canvas, do not use a washing machine and a strong detergent cleaning, or a long time soak the bag in the water. Any stained fabric must have faded or stained the situation occurred, it is inevitable Europe! / Origin / manufacturing method / Made in Taiwan, 100% pure handmade.