[Mr. Takamatsu handmade brownie monopoly] ribbon - chestnut green tea pastry pound cake

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[Mr. Takamatsu handmade brownie monopoly] ribbon - chestnut green tea pastry pound cake



※ remind you this product is a single fine ribbon version
No ribbon version of NT $ 45, the product title is "monolithic six pounds cake"

【Valet delicate ribbon packaging】
Featured high quality bright silk ribbon
And for each pound cake planning unique colors
Carefully cut the "swallowtail" at both ends of the ribbon
Through the small details of the peculiar style of cake cake

[Delicious process]
Peach's cake is time consuming
You must first bake a stuffing tasty cake and press the mold
And then re-enter the oven bake a cake body
So complicated process is the pattern of cake cake "wonderful place"
And we expect some more
And more friends to share their seemingly ordinary "extraordinary"

[Mr. Takamatsu handmade brownie monopoly] chestnut green tea pastry pound cake
(Single-chip sale, 1 ~ 8 / bulk, 9 for a / box)

The use of Japan's Kyoto Panchang small mountain garden made of tea powder

Pill long mountain park was established in three hundred years ago,
From the town of Kyoto, Japan, the town of pills long park
Itself is Japan's oldest dish of tea,
Many times won the Japanese agriculture, forestry and fisheries show first and so on

The baked cake after a specific proportion presents a natural greenishness
Every mouth is distributed mellow slightly bitter tea
The surface sprinkled with peach special fragrant fragrant green tea milk crisp, so that the taste of a layer
And selected French chestnut sauce made into chestnut cake stuffing
Three layers from the outside of the rich taste must try!

Suitable for family, party, party, tea party, picnic, gift, wedding small thing, wedding gift.

Ingredients: eggs, butter, sugar, flour, green tea powder, French chestnut sauce, honey
Long 7 high 7 wide and 1.5cm or so


♡ intimate service
Each box will be attached to the food card and thank the card,
Thanks to the back of the small card in particular to do a blank design
So that everyone can write on the batter to give him an important mind
If it is sent directly to each other
We can also write for you Yo!


Pounds cake at room temperature for 3 days,
Refrigerated 0 ~ 7 ℃ for 7 to 14 days

Peach dessert for handmade, do not add preservatives,
It is recommended to eat within seven days after eating the best to eat Oh!
♡ Do not worry about peach each box will help you cover the taste period!

【Booking Notice】
Please make an order before 5-10 days prior to booking receipt (or receipt).
♬ house with the volume limit, it does not provide paper bags, if the demand for gifts, please tell Yo ~
Please send money within 24 hours, after receipt of money will begin to produce Yo ~
♬ remittance after the fastest 1 to 4 days will be sent, if you want to specify the date and time of arrival, please note on the note Oh ♡ ♡

**♡ house with the receipt period (if not marked that is 13 before arrival)**
▶ before 13 o'clock
▶ 14:00 to 18:00
**▶ Stop delivery / delivery parcel service on Sundays**


Cold house with
Peach in order to let you receive the most freshly done handmade dessert, the whole trip to the black cat cold storage
Make sure the Brownie delivery process and the quality of your hands!

Origin / manufacturing method
Origin of Taiwan handmade