Marble grey concrete - large square tray as desk organiser or accessories holder

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We use grey cement and white cement to create a tray with marbling pattern


Marble grey concrete - large square tray as desk organiser or accessories holder


** The selling price covers one unit of item** When you think of concrete, do you just feel it’s something cold? When you think of grey and white, do you just feel these colours are dull? Let me show you how a grey and white concrete creations can bring you warm and contemporary We use grey cement and white cement to make a square tray, for the marbling pattern, we “draw” inside the mould and this is how the marbling pattern is created, we are not using any pigment during the process nor put on coating to finish off. We would like to keep the authentic look of the concrete as we well as minimalism. The whole making process (pourin, unmolding, sanding) is done by us in Hong Kong. Each creation has its unique marbling pattern. We hope that our creations can bring you a touch of lifestyle at your home or workplace [Measurement of the item] 15cm x 15cm x 1.5cm [Suggested usage] - storage of cosmetic, perfume, nail polish [Color Options] - white marbling pattern (on another listing) - white (on another listing) - grey (on another listing) - dark grey (on another listing) [A little note that you may wanna know] *** This item is a fair faced concrete item. *** Fair faced concrete is a concrete surface that on completion of the forming process, requires no further treatment other than curing. No painting nor patching to cover up any defects. So the technique and perfect control is the key to achieve a piece of quality fair faced concrete. One need to touch and feel it in person in order to enjoy this highest level of craftsmanship. *** no worries if water just splash on it, the beads turn a bit dark, after a while when the beads are dried, you can see the original color. However this means if its tea or coffee go on it then stains lasts. *** Tiny little bubble is expected. For those who have concern on the bubble, then we are afraid concrete may not be your choice *** Since all of our concrete creations are handmade so we cannot guarantee on exactly how the marbling pattern goes *** To clean it, simply use a clean cloth with clear water, no cleansing material is needed. Kind reminder, cleansing material often with color that the color will leave the mark on the items Handmade in Hong Kong


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