Christmas DIY handmade leather card (eel deer)

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Christmas DIY handmade leather card (eel deer) Hippies : D Christmas limited handmade card, What is the strangeness of Christmas cards? Sewn a unique card by yourself. Behind the words of blessing, Warm enough!



Christmas DIY handmade leather card (eel deer)


|Product introduction| Christmas~ Are you ready? Hippies : D Christmas limited handmade card, What is the strangeness of Christmas cards? Sewn a unique card by yourself. Behind the words of blessing, Warm enough! There is still! The edges of the card have been carefully polished by hand, and they are round and full. Only one tree is shared with friends only! Watch the video during DIY production process Handmade, limited edition ~ ※This is DIY kit The contents are: Hippies : D hand made outer packaging x1, good hole front skin (elk type) x1, can write back skin x1, rainbow line 80cm, hand stitch x1, leather rope 14cm PS. Card is specially processed for vegetable tanned cowhide. The leather itself has a special grain pattern and a little imprint. The long-term surface will change from black to brown. Be sure to consider it before placing the order. |Dimensions| Card: height 9 x width 6.5x thickness 0.45 cm |Material| Card: the first layer of vegetable tanned cowhide |Brand introduction| One by one, one stitch and one line. Every piece of work Hippies :D I am trying my best to catch the good, Carefully crafted to maintain aesthetics in an extraordinary artistic style; Pay attention to the texture, insist on hand-sewn pure leather. Satisfied smile is our unremitting dynamism! The ultimate and persistence of creation: D Each piece of leather has its own unique texture, color and thickness. As you and I have special styles, preferences and tastes. Hippies uses creative ideas to beautify the mood and fit the humanity. Let people with Hippies feel confident and satisfied: D It is the original idea and ultimate goal of Hippies: D! | Leather Tips| Each piece of leather has a different texture and will vary depending on the source. It may be caused by the growth process or environment of the country, perhaps the cow. Inevitably there will be some scars or imprints, so each piece will be unique, but in order to complete the integrity of the work, try to avoid the marked blocks. However, it is inevitable that there will be some traces, and each time the skin is selected, it will be different due to factors such as skin, dye, dyeing, etc., and the color will be slightly different. | Care and maintenance | 1. Leather leather should try to avoid rain, sharp scratches, etc. If you accidentally get water or wet, use a clean cloth to dry the water, or put a newspaper in the bag to absorb moisture and put it in a ventilated place. Dry and dry, Remember not to use a hair dryer or expose to the sun to avoid deformation and deterioration of the leather. 2. Leather is like human skin. It will also have traces of sunburn. It will also have different colors due to the way we use and maintain it. It can be wiped regularly with leather maintenance oil. It can be placed in a ventilated place when not in use. , Avoid chapped or moldy, regular maintenance and care to let it stay with us for a long time! | Things to be aware of | 1. The color of the leather will be slightly different for each dyeing, and there will be some slight color difference depending on the screen of the computer. 2. In order to preserve the original essence of the leather, if there is no special demand, we do not deal with the oil. 3. Each piece of leather will have different lines and marks, which can sometimes be avoided. Please consider before ordering. 4. Before the leather goods are shipped, they will be covered with a layer of leather maintenance oil and packaged according to the size of the leather. If you need a gift, please inform us when placing the order. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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