Handmade x necklace wish bone (ancient bronze) plain simple wax rope thin line

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Handmade x necklace wish bone (ancient bronze) plain simple wax rope thin line


■ Size: Wishing bone (length 1.5cm / width 0.8cm) Adjustable rope length can save 40cm~70cm ■ Material: alloy, 1mm wax line ■ Color: Dark coffee ■ Style: wax rope double line **### The colors and necklace styles that can be used in the remarks column, and the remarks are shipped according to the original page###** ░ Bracelet store ░ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/TbayLwJT **▼▽ 1mm wax rope necklace can choose the style ▽▼** https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4545/38430605312_1118fc9262_b.jpg **▲Necklace style - adjustment method description:**https://www.pinkoi.com/product/bv9XxA6p **▲This model can make 1.5mm "wax rope single line - tied buckle" and "wax rope single line - fixed buckle"** **▲ Due to the aperture relationship of the pendant, this paragraph cannot make 1.5mm wax rope double line** **▲ 1mm and 1.5mm colors are different, please pay attention** **▽▼1mm wax rope color ▼▽** https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7910/47392163161_1d2302bcd9_b.jpg **▽▼1.5mm wax rope color ▼▽** https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4810/47392230631_c0199773d8.jpg ░ Wear instructions░ 蜡 When the yarn is worn initially, the wax line itself is hard and the surface is smooth, which may cause the knot to loosen due to the stretching action during adjustment. Therefore, if the knot is loose during the wearing, the knot can be held tight or Grab the end and tighten. ♥ If the rope knot is loose, you can use the station letter to contact, it will provide the method of rope knot recovery. This is the material property of the wax line itself. It is a normal phenomenon, not 瑕疵喔~~ (after all, it is a movable knot, please pay attention) 留 Approximately 0.5cm of tail rope is left at the knot to facilitate adjustment of the knot. It is not recommended to cut it off (the hard point after burning is too close to the main rope will cause the rope to be scraped) ░ Use and maintenance methods░ ♥ The wax line itself is waterproof, but please pay attention to the metal parts when you wear them. Try to avoid drying or damp as soon as possible. 擦拭When not wearing, please wipe the product and store it in a sealed bag. ░ Small reminder ░ ♥ This is a metal jewelry with distressed treatment, so the surface is not necessarily smooth, there may be mottled black spots, which is also its characteristic, does not belong to 瑕疵喔 ♥ Metal products will be oxidized, and the degree will vary depending on the wearing conditions. Ex: sweat, environmental humidity, etc. will affect the bathing, swimming, hot spring area and no contact. Chemical substances, normal maintenance can make the jewelry color retention delay longer 有 There is a thin layer of wax on the surface of the wax rope. After wearing it, the wax on the surface will fall off and the edges will appear due to friction, water and other factors. The bracelet will become softer and the color will be brighter and brighter. ░ Notes ░ ♥ Each computer screen will have some color difference, and the recipient can buy it again. 手工 Handmade goods will inevitably have traces of making 包装 Packing instructions░ ♥ There are no gorgeous packaging, no exquisite small cards, and a simple hand-made style with low-key and protection:) ♥ Metal jewelry will provide sealed bags for preservation 产 Origin / manufacturing methods░ Handmade in Taiwan


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