In fact, I also envy the Hepburn style round skirt - black | 100% organic cotton | elegant temperament slim professional occupation report interview elastic waist loose round skirt long skirt skirt suit suit

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A. Use 100% organic cotton, good environmental protection, B. Slim and round skirt, good and graceful, C. go to work, go


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In fact, I also envy the Hepburn style round skirt - black | 100% organic cotton | elegant temperament slim professional occupation report interview elastic waist loose round skirt long skirt skirt suit suit

商品説明 Ingredients: 100% organic cotton (CU organic certification, OCS organic cotton certification, fabrics purchased from the best and textile) Washing method: Put on the laundry bag / Do not soak / Conventional washing up to 30 °C / Do not use strong decontamination detergent / Do not tumble dry Here is a proof of purchase ~ Dutch CU Organic Certification (Control Union Dutch Control Federation) Introduction Control Union World Group was established in 1920 in the Netherlands. It has long been engaged in inspection and certification services. It is a well-known inspection and certification organization in the Netherlands. It is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and has more than 100 subsidiaries or representative offices worldwide. All countries have laboratories to provide experimental services for internationally renowned certification agencies. The scope of certification includes: All organic products including textiles, agricultural products, FSC Forest Management (FM/COC), Additives (Input), Pre-shipment Inspections (PSI), Minerals, Oil & Gas, Common Grains, Grains, Global Gap (GAP), HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), ISO 22000, ISO 9001:2000, etc. _______________________________________________ ● Why organic cotton? Many babies feel that they can wear pure cotton, do not need to wear organic cotton Let’s talk about it Environment: Pesticides damage to the land, sea pollution and ecological is immeasurable, and**cotton crop is the largest drug**; according to statistics, the cotton fields accounted for 3% of the world's farmland, pesticides, fertilizer use is more than The global amount of 25% of pesticides not only causes land salinization, deterioration, marine pollution, but also the lives of farmers and other organisms. Health: Cotton called the most toxic crop, can be absorbed through the skin, general**a cotton T-shirt about 150 grams of pesticide use**, while long-term exposure to certain pesticides may cause**cancer, reproductive, nervous system damage or Other diseases**. ! ! ! --Baby feels scared but baby doesn’t say-- We feel that we should try our best to choose organic cotton products if we can Transcutaneous poisoning is often overlooked because it cannot be seen! we hope Every baby is healthy Every farmer's uncle can breathe fresh air Every inch of land is fertile and full of life! _______________________________________________ ● About Lunaticluna Lunaticluna is pronounced like Luna's kicking Luna, founded by David, Fenfen and Lulu. The selection of fabrics (mainly organic cotton, but also dyeing and finishing in compliance with environmental protection regulations), design, proofing, packaging, taking pictures, and copywriting are all our joint efforts. Then discuss details with reliable and experienced Taiwanese masters, and strive to complete the sewing! All products are produced in small quantities, limited sale, sold out there is no ~ The partner we partnered with this time is a Taiwanese master who has worked in the field for 30 years. It is professional and outstanding! His little helper is a hearing-impaired daughter and wife. The way we work together is very special. There is no signing because they can't estimate an accurate delivery time, and then they don't know how to help us do a few XDDs. We want to pay the deposit first, and the master teacher still won't accept it. Say we don't use the fabric to get a deposit! We had to find an individual excuse to pay him the deposit, and then advised him to accept the deposit in the future! Not everyone is as good as us (?) In short, all members of Lunaticluna would like to thank everyone for giving us an opportunity to meet different partners and wait patiently for us to launch new products slowly (鞠躬) Besides that, we ● Donate 10% net profit to public interest groups every month ● Minimize packaging and use environmentally friendly calcium carbonate plastic bags, which can be decomposed and recycled to reduce environmental pollution ● MIT, Taiwan Design, Manufacturing ● All products are shot and stocked _______________________________________________ This skirt uses an organic cotton suit cloth. For the weather in Taiwan, it is suitable for spring, summer and fall wear. Just add stockings or pantyhose in winter! Regardless of whether you go to work or take classes Outing, Picnic Dating, partying, and meeting are all suitable --It seems like it is the same line again-- This piece of fabric is like a pair of black trousers. Look at the baby to see if the trousers washed more than 5 times are long. Wash will not fade, when the sun shook and flat dry, it will not wrinkle! The photo's trousers are not burned, but it's okay to be hot, and the baby who likes to feel it can burn it at low temperatures. Knee length is very elegant, the design of the round skirt is very modified body shape--you can cover the fart-- There is also a breathable lining that gives the entire skirt a great texture The most important thing is that it is tight after! The front is pretending to be a normal skirt (?), in fact, behind a secretly made elastic --Eat too full and don't need to unlock the button.-- We must also report to the baby here. The master of this cooperation accidentally sewed the wash mark to the front of the XDD. --It may be because the master did not pass through the skirt-- Therefore, the washing of our small skirt is now in front of no tightness, but the baby is aware that the elastic part should be worn behind! The next time we work together, we will write it up + draw a picture and tell the master where to sew! --It is not convenient to sew-- Thank you baby~~ _______________________________________________ Next is ● The story of this dress (recommended reading order: black → blue) ● Try on report & size _______________________________________________ Those fireworks Glittering night How I am longing for Fantasy torn into stars Put all the sadness into the twilight I think you can keep up with this Or find a place to stay 踌躇徘徊 Careful look It's still meaningless to pass by I know that after all, I don’t belong here A silence It seems to exhaust all the enthusiasm Burning embers No temperature There is no possibility Did not start anything It is already over I have to constantly remind myself Do not worry You don’t get what you want Expected will not come I will only be alone Stay in mottled, fake darkness _______________________________________________ MODEL Information Lulu / Height 159cm, Weight 46kg, Waist 26 inches / Feeling slightly loose and comfortable, knee length Try on a small helper A / height 153cm, weight 53kg, waist circumference 29 inches / feeling comfortable fit, knee length Try on a small helper B / height 164cm, weight 54kg, waist circumference 28 inches / feeling comfortable fit, knee length Try on a small helper C / height 169cm, weight 60kg, waist circumference 30 inches / feel fit, about the length of the knee


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