SLL Solid Perfume X gives twelve keywords to girls - Freedom (Light Blue)

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SLL greets the 2019 new collection: [Twelve keywords for girls] balm. For yourself and your good friends, choose a keyword and start a new year! Keywords: Freedom Scent: light blue Unrestrained to wander freely on the clouds, this is the long-awaited desi



SLL Solid Perfume X gives twelve keywords to girls - Freedom (Light Blue)

商品説明 There are always some keywords in life. Lead us to be better ourselves. Welcome to 2019, We propose twelve keywords, giving the classic 12 fragrances. And invite the creator to read the full cooperation illustration of the mountain. The process of chewing a scent is like reading a book infinitely broad. [Twelve Keywords for Girls] Series Balm Keywords: Freedom Unrestrained to wander freely on the clouds, this is the long-awaited desire in the heart. Scent: light blue Some people ask why so many people like light blue, a slightly sweet compound perfume, perhaps because his fragrance always has a sea-like sense of spaciousness, which is in line with the freedom that everyone wants. "Why do we care about the smell of fragrance? 》 Brain science tells us that the sense of smell directly links the emotional brain, the limbic system. In charge of sensibility and feelings, It is the only sense of the five senses that is not controlled by the brain. The instinct of smell, echoing emotions and emotions, Each scent represents a uniqueness to those who love him. The scent of a woman is "low-key expression" through the scent. Express who I am, my emotions, my feelings, It is to express my unique, my choice. "SLL Brand Positioning" [SLL Simple Life Lab] established in January 2015, Positioned as a "personal fragrance" brand. Think of life as a petri dish and a product proposal as an experiment. Continue to accompany and learn to love women, Through the scent, find the uniqueness that belongs to you. We advocate that "fragrance is a low-key expression." Keep trying Find your simple life! "Why do we choose solid perfume? 》 The liquidity of the perfume makes the use of preservatives inevitable. Plus the fragrance of the perfume is alcoholic, it is easy to be too rich, and it remains in the space that has left. Moreover, it is easy to spray unevenly and liquid is not easy to carry. Solid perfume (balm), based on natural beeswax and vegetable waxes, supplemented with petrolatum, is stable in solid dosage form even when the temperature changes with the weather, because the solid state does not require the use of preservatives. Solid perfume (balm) does not contain alcohol, and the fragrance is volatilized by body temperature, so that the faint fragrance is slowly released, so that the fragrance becomes a companionship, but it is not too good to disturb others! "product features" The fragrance is indescribable, but it has a very personality! Therefore, [SLL Simple Life Lab] has been in existence since its inception. Each scented product is in cooperation with Taiwan’s new illustrator creators. Express the characteristics of each fragrance through the situational stories in the illustrations. We hope to accompany each woman to find their own taste. Every time you live, you can live unique! Ingredients: Natural beeswax, vegetable wax, petroleum jelly, essential oil Content: 4g How to use: Apply a proper amount to the body temperature behind the ear or the inside of the wrist. note: 1. Non-food, please do not eat, and please put the product at a high place to avoid children eating. 2. If the skin is red and itchy 3. Contains natural beeswax, the color is slightly yellow or the oil is normal, please feel free to use 4. Contains no preservatives, alcohol Shelf life: three years / place in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight Place of Origin: Taiwan (Designed & Made in Taiwan)


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