Vintage stand-up shirt and nostalgic nine pants (customized)

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2019FW RETRO STAND COLLAR SHIRT Vintage Stand Collar Shirt (Haute Couture) NOSTALGIC TONE NINE PANTS nostalgic nine pants


Vintage stand-up shirt and nostalgic nine pants (customized)


RETRO STAND COLLAR SHIRT Vintage Stand Collar Shirt Stand collar shirt introduction Breathable with thickness and comfort The collar is a collar with a collar, and the button can be changed according to the customization requirements. **|About fabrics|** **Material**: Japanese cotton cloth 100% Cotton **Flexible**: None **wearing**: comfortable, the fabric is thicker and thinner NOSTALGIC TONE NINE PANTS nostalgic nine pants There is a pocket on the left and right sides **Size**: M (pants length: 83cm, waist circumference 76cm) **|About fabrics|** **Material**: Corduroy (skin suede) **wearing**: very short plush touch, feel comfortable Source of inspiration My inspiration comes from my childhood memories. Aunt always likes to carry a bag with a very bright color. I take me out to the market to buy food. I go to the citrus shop to buy my favorite little prince face for me. I like that very much. The color is bright and transparent, and the outer packaging of the prince-faced snacks. When I grow up, I know that his simple and retro bag is called a cane bag. I want to pack the color and material of the bag and my favorite prince face pack. The color design is on my clothing, so that every piece of clothing, retro and stylish, nostalgic and real wear. My inspiration comes from my childhood memories. My grandmother always likes to carry colorful bags and take me to the market to buy vegetables. She'll go to the tangerine shop and buy me my favorite snack “Prince noodles”. I like the bright and I want to put the color of the bag, material, and my favorite "Prince" face packaging color design into my transparent packaging of the "Prince Noodles" snacks. I grew up to know this simple and retro bag called "Eggplant bag". Clothing so that each piece of clothing is retro yet stylish, and nostalgic yet comfortable. design concept Designer Ming likes to use a combination of simple and fashionable styles to create her designs. She is not afraid to try new styles and designs. Ming often gets her creative inspiration from everyday life as well as the natural environment around her. She has her own Ming likes to design and hand craft each piece of clothing so that it is original, innovative, and comfortable. To her, clothing isn't just about design. More importantly, it's about The details and comfort on the human body that makes each clothing more desirable. **About the custom process** 1.Because it is not hand-made in the factory, please be sure to inform us of the size we want to make and discuss related issues. The designer will give you the best advice and answers. 2. Once you have confirmed the size and quantity you need to make, you can't make any changes when you start the production. 3. If the original size of the garment is not required, when the special size is required, there will be additional modification of the size. The actual modification of the size will be adjusted according to the customer's needs. 4. Manual cutting will inevitably have an error value of 1~2 cm. If you can't accept it, please don't order it! 5. After the production is completed, we will notify you and send the item. 6. Since our studio is currently in Taiwan, we only provide trials for guests who live in Taiwan after the order is completed. Other countries do not provide try-on service for the time being, please understand! If you have any related questions, you can consult us, thank you Model size reference: Height 173cm, the size of the wear is M Made in Taiwan


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