Clutch bag / phone bag / neck hanging leather bag

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wallet. Can also be used as a cell phone pocket. Neck strap and wrist band choose one.



cancer2009 ショップへ

<CANCER流行實驗所> Clutch bag / phone bag / neck hanging leather bag


■ brand introduction
Follow traditional crafts, combined with modern aesthetics. Let each hand made leather, each spoke a wonderful story; Practice life better picture.
A very typical hand made brand. From design, playing board, cut pieces, sewing, to product photography, sale; all work independently. Every detail is <Cancer>. Welcome to taste "CANCER popular experiment."

■ Product Description
You can put the phone, you can also when the purse, paper money can be flat, the front side can place change. You can put the back of the card on the back.
Goods in the process of turning the bag, easy to leave zipper indentation or fingernail marks, the primary color vegetable tanned more obvious, after use because of the change of color, will be slowly not obvious.
Accessories: wrist strap or neck strap, choose one.
◆ free to print the English name, please contact private discussion information.
Neck strap reference

Original vegetable tanned leather with black lychee pattern, before use and after a period of time with the color change reference.

■ Size
About 19.5X 10.5 CM

■ Material
Imported leather - vegetable tanned leather + (black) lychee pattern
YKK zipper / copper fastening buckle

● vegetable tanned leather introduction
Vegetable tanned leather, also known as astringent skin, tree paste skin. It is tanned leather with plant tanning agent. It contains no harmful substances to the human body and can be used to make leather goods which are in direct contact with the human body. It belongs to the green leather.

● vegetable tanned leather color change
Original vegetable tanned leather, with the use of time increases, leather color will deepen, more shiny and soft.
Colored vegetable tanned leather, is the use of pollution-free pigments, in the most natural way to do staining. Black even if there is no obvious change in the color of the primary colors, long-term use, there will still be a beautiful oil-luster produced.
The same product, in the use of different habits, and develop their own unique flavor, which is the unique charm of vegetable tanned leather.

● Why the leather will have all kinds of marks
The most common is the worm spots, growth lines, branding and scars (holes). Scars (holes) are usually avoided. Brand will be in accordance with the size and shape, special product design.
Natural cowhide because of the different parts of the wrinkles and growth patterns. Cattle in the process of growth will inevitably collide with other herds or insects and other bites. Scars and bugs are natural conditions.
These are vegetable tanned leather products inevitable, but also one of its natural features not made. I hope you can understand before buying goods features, and enjoy the vegetable tanned leather, unmodified scars and stains charming charm.

● use and maintenance methods
Vegetable tanned leather should try to avoid spray perfume, dry cleaners and other alcoholic liquids, lotions or skin care products.
If inadvertently drenched rain, wipe clean with cotton cloth can be dried. <Do not expose to sunlight directly>
Store with a cotton cloth wipe clean, into the dust jacket, placed in a ventilated and dry place.
Often with the use of the best way to maintain.

■ Origin / Taiwan
■ manufacturing methods / individual independent operations (non-factory mass production)


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