Personalized Leather Key Ring, Colored Custom Made Key Chain, Couple key ring

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• Customizable colors to change the size. • Remember to comment or contact the designer for any custom English content.



Personalized Leather Key Ring, Colored Custom Made Key Chain, Couple key ring

商品説明!!1770707123.jpg Manual is an attitude, a practice, is the craftsman with life and time carved out of the unique works! I would like to dedicate this same love of life to you, willing to accompany you to spend a happy and wonderful time! ✪ This is a unique key ring, the best memorial gift, Will be engraved on your name in the above each other to each other, will be his affectionate hand in hand holding! ★ 【Product Features】 ◆ exclusive original stylish candy color design. ◆ high-quality Italian vegetable tanned cow leather. ◆ handmade exquisite production. ◆ customizable alphabet for your name. ◆ can be customized other colors. ◆ All edges are hand-polished to be smooth and rounded ◆ waterproof scratch / very durable ∎ 【Size】 ◆ length: 86mm ◆ width: 13mm (If you need to modify the size for you, please contact the designer!) ❤ 【Customized items】 ◆ Custom printed uppercase letters A-Z, numbers 0-9 and symbols & • - + ◆ The default engraved key chain leather in the middle position. Lettering description please state in the order notes. ◆ font is bold [word height 3m / m] (Each letter or number is hand-carved from time to time, not machine-like neat and precise, but enjoy the unique handwriting text warm touch.)!!1770707123.jpg ☆ egg: the skin has been waxing conservation treatment, the European system of more fat vegetable tanned leather more fat evenly distributed fat, with the use of time leather texture will be stronger, more beautiful, more shiny, like wine , The more fragrant the more alcohol - this is the charm of handmade leather production! ✪ 【Leather Maintenance】 1. Often use it is the best care! Hand grease is good for leather, or apply leather care oil regularly 3. Leather products in the course of the need to pay attention to moisture and water, if accidentally stained with water, use a dry cloth dry, and then placed in the shade dry, do not expose the sun. 4. If the leather is not used for a long time found moldy phenomenon, please wipe dry with a dry cloth, place the ventilation, and then wipe leather care oil can be.!!1770707123.jpg ♆ [designer sentiment] • Life should be sunshine-oriented instead of cold-tech, stereotyped lines. Handcraft is a kind of life attitude, is a practice, repair chain more than craft, as well as the heart. Only with 100% devotion, devotion and thoroughness can happiness be given to life so as to give each piece its character, human touch and value that can not be achieved by industrial products. Because "hand" has always been the creator rather than replicator. Each handmade products are unique, natural texture of handmade products will give people the strength and perseverance, and provide unlimited reverie! • While the standard of "fashion" is defined by most people as "industrialized" and "mass-produced products," I hope that in addition to the standard of public chase, I hope to help people find out more about the charm of hand-made products. Combining the connotation beauty of the Chinese traditional craft with the modern fashion, the artistry, fashion and practicality of the article are streamlined in the design, with the warmth and exquisiteness of the handmade craftsmanship, to create the young life aesthetics with unique style. With the combination of modern aesthetics and the power of natural life, we have created handcrafted works that lead the fashion trends. ✉ If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me and I will reply within 12 hours (except weekends) ღ Thank you very much! ! !


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