[wrong like tea] Lucy organic ripe fruit oolong tea 110g elegant gift box honey taste low back to warm throat

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Wrong tea is from Taiwan's Nantou Tea Farm. The whole product has organic certification and SGS safety certification. Lulu organic ripe fruit oolong, amber tea soup is mellow and warm, echoing the friendliness of the land, coexisting with the tradition



[wrong like tea] Lucy organic ripe fruit oolong tea 110g elegant gift box honey taste low back to warm throat


https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/854/43608961771_5484162f99_b.jpg **Wrong like tea dew, organic ripe fruit, oolong tea, loose tea 110g** "The wrong tea, from Taiwan, the fragrant generation." 风味 Flavor description: Tea soup is mellow and fruity Honey tastes low back and warmth into the throat Sweet and sweet, oh, sweet back 成分 Ingredients: Oolong Tea / Leaflet Shrub High Quality Oolong 认证 Certification: Charity organic certification, no pesticide, no chemical fertilizer, no herbicide, no fragrance  Type: ball / one heart and two leaves 产 Origin: 100% Taiwan Nantou local good tea Taiwan Nantou  Specifications: 110g / Loose Tea 包装 Packaging: vacuum aluminum bag packaging, fine iron cans, elegant gift box, with Chinese and English brewing guide  Shelf life: 24 months (unopened)  Storage method: Please keep it in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight. https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/921/28718286227_d5eab94850_o.jpg **[The wrong boss's tea-seeking notes]** Before the rise of alpine tea, oolong tea, which was fermented and baked at different degrees, was the mainstream of Taiwan's tea market. Under a certain chance, I drank this oolong tea with aroma of ripe fruit and a change of flavor. The entrance of the amber tea soup is mellow and warm, and the roasting aroma fills the mouth. When swallowing into the throat, you can feel that the tea soup is not a normal liquid, but a slightly creamy thickness. After the heavy fermentation, the tea juice exudes a charming charm, and both sides of the tongue are stimulated and stimulated, and the throat is long and unforgettable. https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/932/41801560610_41b28dda00_c.jpg When I came to the tea garden, it was spring and cold. After the spring rain, the new buds of the leaf edge had been rushing to soar. The butterflies flew in the tea garden, the fields next to the tea trees, and the big leaves and salty plants bloomed without any change. The deputy wants to compete with Oolong tea for a long time. https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/837/41798489490_7c01c169e0_o.jpg The tea farmer told me that the best fertilizer for organic planting is deciduous, but the leaves are not converted into nutrients that tea trees can absorb, but the leaves are not converted into nutrients that tea trees can absorb. He gave this responsibility to the leaves. earthworm. After many years of adjustment, there are thousands of cockroaches in the tea garden. The discharged manure is the best fertilizer for the tea tree, and the cockroach that has been drilled has become the best helper for the tea garden. Walking along the tea tree, I found that many of the new shoots have shrunk and curled up, and you can clearly find many brown spots. When asked about the tea farmers, the organic tea gardens do not spray agriculture. The blind invaders can only let them suck the young leaves. These small dots are masterpieces of blind elephants. But over the years, the two sides have found a balanced mode of getting along, and tea farmers are not culling. The hazard area of blind elephants will be concentrated in certain areas, and sometimes a section may be eaten without a leaf, but in exchange for the integrity of other blocks. In my mind, there is a sudden appearance of the movie Kung Fu charter: I can’t walk alive! Don't kill it! https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/916/29739057918_778d15af75_b.jpg https://www.pinkoi.com/product/UA2C6qLT **[Safety through food safety inspection Befriend With Nature]** The tea bag is a three-dimensional tea bag for the original leaf triangle. The tea bag and the cotton thread are imported from Japan. The Japanese imported high-resistance PET net is qualified by the national standard SGS. Please feel free to drink. https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q62697a542bd5c/image/data/2019/05/22/e9d8f1816c83cbd14689c24fb8c744f1.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q62697a542bd5c/image/data/2019/05/22/3210f45fd53340a0ed2929d53d35337b.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q62697a542bd5c/image/data/2019/05/22/ed0dcc57f888773aa6abb5e5d8d87b02.jpg https://image-cdn-flare.qdm.cloud/q62697a542bd5c/image/data/2018/12/06/b0dc94e7fdd8de1c300139e569a7f88f.jpg


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