Life incense bag - talk to Zhuangzi + brass three-piece group

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The philosopher's life is fragrant and elegant, so that people can find their own atmosphere in a unique atmosphere.



Life incense bag - talk to Zhuangzi + brass three-piece group


Aroma / incense / fragrant The philosopher's life is fragrant and elegant, so that people can find their own atmosphere in a unique atmosphere. Water first|Life incense bag - talk to Zhuangzi Gift bag content: [Talk to Zhuangzi] aroma powder x1, [brass fragrance three-piece group] x1, black classic bag Since ancient times, regardless of Chinese and foreign From the royal family to the nobility, they have a unique love for sandalwood. And this [talking to Zhuangzi] It is extravagant to use the precious "Indian Laoshan Sandalwood" and "Falling the Fragrance" Holy and noble, classical and mellow Laoshan sandalwood With a woody scent, a flowery scent With the sweet smell of Taiwan's native lemongrass Let the interior space be filled with a harmonious and quiet atmosphere It seems to be in the past and the present, talking with the happy Zhuangzi ─────────────────────── Water first ‧ life incense - wash temperament, interest ‧ 宁 宁 ─────────────────────── [Talk to Zhuangzi] Aromatherapy Powder <This product has passed the SGS fragrance inspection test> Origin: Taiwan / Manufacturing Method: Handmade Ingredients: wormwood / lemongrass / Laoshan sandalwood / true fragrance Size: Height 11cm Diameter 6cm / Weight: 250g (Aromatherapy 60g) Brass clear metal shimmer Simple and smooth exterior design When the fashion concept is integrated into the incense The fragrance has become an elegant moment in life.. [Brass fragrance three-piece group] Origin: China / Material: Brass Contents: Brass Spoon / Brass Powder Mould / Brass Base / Aluminum Portable Fragrance Box (with experience aroma powder) / Travel cotton bundle pocket Size: Outer box length 17.7cm width 9.7cm height 3.7cm / brass spoon 14.3cm x 1.2cm Brass powder mould 1.9cm x 1.9cm x 3.5cm / brass base 5cm x 5cm x 0.8cm Portable incense box 5cm x 5cm x 2cm / travel cotton bundle pocket 8.8cm x 10.5cm Weight: 230g / brass three-piece group: 105g Brass characteristics: strong and high temperature resistance, not easy to smell, can avoid the smell Instructions: Take a proper amount of aroma powder in a brass spoon and put it into the powder mold. After filling, smooth the surface. Turn the brass base cover over the entire group and turn it back to the front side. After placing it on the table, slowly lift the powder mold. The aroma powder can be molded into a fragrant tower, which can be ignited at the tip to enjoy the aroma. Precautions: ‧This product is not food, please do not eat. ‧ Keep out of reach of children and pets. ‧ Keep indoors well ventilated and away from fire and flammable materials. Place the aromatherapy container on a stable, heat-resistant platform. Do not touch the container while burning to avoid burns. ‧Please avoid the fan or the air outlet when using it to avoid the danger of the scattered powder in the burning. ‧ Do not place the powder in direct sunlight or in a humid environment to avoid deterioration. ‧ Do not leave the burning incense unattended. ‧After the burning of the powder, please continue to stand for about one hour to ensure that the powder has completely burned and cooled. Wash the container again to avoid the danger of embers.


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