Peas succulents and small groceries - handmade clay pots with the creation of a series - big pots _ cement primary colors

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[Feeling with the creation of a series - big cans] The free play of the hand-kneading is like the creation of a hand-like pottery. Balanced the hard stereotype of the cement shape, making the cementware more soft and temperature. The bean bean uses the fee



Peas succulents and small groceries - handmade clay pots with the creation of a series - big pots _ cement primary colors

商品説明 [product specifications and dimensions] *Designer finished * Cement original gray *With drain hole *Outer size: length, width 10cm, height 7cm * 3-5 random flesh and 3-4 cactus plants (plants are randomly planted and shipped) *Use fleshy soil * The size of the plant body is mainly based on the farm's stocking. The size of the plant is mainly for the first time, and the plants are sold without return. *January to May is the flowering season, and there may not be flowering at the time of shipment. * Plants are live products and are not applicable to 7-day appreciation service and return service. *Transportation of plants and special soils due to phytosanitary regulations [Cement basin maintenance methods and precautions] (1) Manual cement pots, because of the expansion relationship, so when using for the first time, they are all watered by means of a basin to prevent the pot from cracking. (2) Because of the cement material, the manual cement pot will have cracks that will produce fine lines, but it will not affect the normal use. If you care about small cracks, it is recommended to buy pottery products! (3) Hand-made cement pots are all handmade products, so the flatness is not as good as the factory's finished fine and fine, there are some bubbles on the surface, such as hand-grinding and air bubbles, it is also recommended to buy pottery products! (4) Due to the handmade products, it takes time to make. If you want to buy, you can ask the designer about the quantity of the goods and the color of the existing goods. The designer will provide photos for the purchaser to purchase! [Please pay for the gift paper bag, not available for free] [Gift card, please add more, not free] [Flesh-only soil] Also sell meaty soil for your succulents to take care of Large succulent special soil Small succulent special soil [Flesh planting notes] (1) When succulents and cactus are transplanted, some wounds will be produced. Since the wound is afraid of water, the first watering is 5 days after each transplant. (2) Watering cycle is once every 15-20 days (3) Succulents are outdoor plants, try to maintain the environment as outdoor, and the cactus can also be indoors, but they are still allowed to sunbathe. (4) The flowering device with holes is watered until the water flows out, and the excess moisture of the pad is poured out to keep it dry. [Transportation method] *All parcels are delivered by postal little white pigeons and arrive every other day. * Please do not delay the receipt of the goods, take the time to calculate the goods within 4 days to submit the problem goods, more than 4 days, then do not replenish the goods. * In summer, there will be high temperature conditions. The purchaser must bear the risk of succulent succulent plants. Please unpack the parcel as soon as possible and do not delay. *Ensure that the plant is in good condition. It will not be shipped on Friday and will be shipped until next Tuesday. It will not be delivered on the second day of the week. * Beans will be packed as much as possible, because they can not control the delivery process, all the leaves will be normal! * For environmental protection, peas adopt simple packaging to prevent basic collisions. *The planting group has been planted, and the peas will be packed as much as possible. However, during the transportation process, the shipping process cannot be controlled. If there is a knockover, I am really sorry! If you have a photo of the overturned state, please provide the photo, please tell the peas. , Peas will help you plant back! Hand-made flower, self-managed meat farm, guaranteed to give you the freshest flesh! Want to know more about us, FB Search for peas succulents and small groceries


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