-Mount Fuji ふじさん-3way gold bag side backpack carry bag handbag gift

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✿little imperfection Mount Fuji 3way gold package ✿ Lightweight clutch, elegant handbag, cute side backpack 3 ways of use, can be changed freely according to the outfit and occasion of use, The large opening design is convenient for taking items, and the capacity is greatly upgraded!


-Mount Fuji ふじさん-3way gold bag side backpack carry bag handbag gift


/ Product description and introduction/ Mount Fuji White snow on the top of the mountain Looking at the mood quietly, as if he was also healed~ We made ninety-nine points of beauty, and you will irrigate the rest Because you have your story loaded, it is the most beautiful one hundred percent ///////////////////////////////// The hot-selling Mount Fuji ふじさん comes 3way! Finally, you can put down the phone and the long folder, the capacity is upgraded, and the cuteness is also upgraded! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50674852872_0e09407d44.jpg [This is an order-to-order product] Because the products are all hand-sewn, the production time is about 10-13 working days (excluding holidays). If there is an urgent need, you can ask for private training first, and the designer will evaluate for you whether it can be made in advance, please do not rush the order after placing the order! ✿Designer wear✿ https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48598457641_745c4bb57a_b.jpg ///////////////////////////////// **/ 3 way mouth gold package/** . Can be used as a clutch without chain, suitable for formal occasions . It can be used as a handbag with a short chain, suitable for you who don’t want a backpack while shopping . Change into a long chain to become a side backpack. Of course, a carry bag is indispensable for outdoor play~ Freely match up according to the outfit and occasion of use! In addition, there is a mezzanine inside, the size can fit a long wallet, and the capacity is greatly upgraded. ✿ 3way bag real back reference photo ✿ https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7841/39859340553_ee7af7e7b0_k.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4819/46772040962_508f8ad835_k.jpg ///////////////////////////////// **✿little imperfection hand-sewn gold bag ✿** -Dimension flat amount- Strap length: 100cm / 120cm (detachable) *Comes with a 40cm short chain Mouth gold size: 20cm Length: 20 cm (without mouth gold) Width: 25 cm Thickness: 6 cm -Material- Table cloth: fabric imported from Japan Lining: Imported fabric Strap: bronze metal chain Mouth gold: bronze mouth gold -Touch- It is covered with cotton, so it is very comfortable and soft ///////////////////////////////// **/ Product Q&A /** **Q. How to choose the length of the bronze chain that suits you?** **A:**In terms of 160 cm, a 100 cm chain-length bag will fall around the waist, and 120 cm will fall around the waist below the hip. However, due to the different height and body shape of each person, the back will still be different Differences, the most accurate way to measure the chain is to take a measuring tape, rope or wire in your home, measure the total length of 100/120cm and then compare it by yourself. It will be clearer where the seat on the back of the bag is probably located. It can also be based on your backpack. It’s your habit to make choices! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ **Q. What is the custom stamp service?** **A:**Just stamp your English name or your favorite English words on the leather label seat in the bag for free, and customize your exclusive bag! The stencil only provides uppercase English letters. Due to the limited space of the leather label,**1-7 letters are recommended**, more than that will cause the letters to be crowded and it will not look good! ✿ Stamped English name-reference photo ✿ https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7920/33452661218_bab4e24d4b_b.jpg **Q. I can't find an option for the stencil service!** **A:**If you need a stamp service, just**"Message to Designer"**field on the order page and leave the English letters you want to stamp, so that your order will appear in the backstage of our order Hello! **Q. How many days does it take to produce and ship?** **A:**Generally, it takes 5-7 working days for production (excluding holidays), and it takes about 2-5 days for delivery. It depends on the delivery method and location you choose. If there is stock, add it When there is no special demand, it will be shipped the next day after the order is placed! **Q. I have to give it away in a few days. Can I take urgent orders?** **A:**You can first inform you the time you want to receive in the station letter. The designer will evaluate whether the order can be rushed or whether it is in stock according to the time. It takes a certain amount of time for the designer to make, especially when there are a large number of orders. After hard work, your hands will blisters. Please don't tell me "very hurry" when you place an order, or start reminding you immediately after you place an order. Thank you for your understanding. **Q. I like the shape of XX brand very much, can I use your cloth to make it? Can the size help me make it bigger or add more inner partitions?** **A:**Sorry, all the products in the museum are made by the designer personally. They belong to the brand's design products. You cannot change the size, imitate the shape of other brands, splicing a variety of fabrics, etc. to change the design. This behavior, we are a brand of koujinbao, not a contract manufacturer! **Q. I really like the fabric of one of your 3way bags, but I want to make a classic gold bag. Can you customize it for me?** **A:**Yes! As long as the colors you see in the museum can be made into the "brand" bag you want! You can use the station letter to ask the customer service first, and place an order according to the customer service instructions after the evaluation for you! ///////////////////////////////// **/ After-sales service/** . All products have a one-year warranty service, and any damage caused by improper use within one year can be repaired free of charge. . If there is any damage, you can use the letter in the station to contact, and attach a photo of the damaged part for the designer to evaluate! **// Precautions//** . The products are all handmade, and there may be slight differences in the production process. If you have any questions, please ask the customer service. . The stencils are all manually carved and cannot be completely centered. It is normal unless they are severely distorted. . The fabric printing will appear differently due to the cutting relationship, if you have special needs, please ask the customer service first. . The import tariff rates for overseas online shopping are different. If the import tariff is required to be paid by the customs, it will be paid by the consumer himself. || Please pick up the goods within seven days if you use the supermarket to pick up and pay.|| If you fail to pick it up more than three times within half a year, you will be disqualified from the pinkoi super picking service. In addition, the stamped products are customer products and cannot be sold again. In order to protect the rights of you and the designer, please be sure to pick up the goods within the time limit. || If you have any questions, please use the station letter to discuss and communicate with customer service || We will deal with it actively for you, please do not directly give a rating below four stars without asking, please respect the value of the designer and hand-made, thank you. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48605159752_1debd190d5_b.jpg Thank you for your patience to read. If you have any questions, please ask customer service. good day :)


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