-福山 ふ じ さ ん-3way mouth gold bag side backpack customized gift exchange gifts

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✿little imperfection Mt.Fuji 3way mouth gold bag✿ Lightweight clutch, elegant handbag, cute side backpack 3 usage methods, which can be freely changed according to the wear and use occasions, The large opening design makes it easy to pick up items, and th


-福山 ふ じ さ ん-3way mouth gold bag side backpack customized gift exchange gifts


/ Product description and introduction / Azure Mount Fuji Snow on the mountain top Seeing my heart quietly seems to be healed ~ We made ninety-nine points of beauty, and you will irrigate the rest Because there is a load of your story, it is the most beautiful one hundred percent ///////////////////////////////////// Hot Mount Fuji ふ じ さ ん 3way comes! Finally you can drop your phone and long clip, the capacity is upgraded, and the cuteness is also upgraded! [This is a custom order] Because the products are hand-stitched, the production time is about 15 working days (excluding holidays). If there is an urgent need, you can ask for personal training first, and the designer will evaluate for you whether you can make it in advance. ✿Designer dress up✿ https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48598457641_745c4bb57a_b.jpg ///////////////////////////////////// **/ 3 way mouth gold bag /** . Can be directly used as a bag without a chain, suitable for formal occasions . The short chain can be used as a handbag, suitable for you who do n’t want a backpack when shopping. . Put on a long chain and turn it into a side backpack. Of course, outdoor play is indispensable. According to the wearing and use occasions, you can do it with you! In addition, there are interlayers inside, and the size can also fit into a long wallet, and the capacity is greatly upgraded. 参考 3way bag real back reference photos ✿ https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7841/39859340553_ee7af7e7b0_k.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4819/46772040962_508f8ad835_k.jpg ///////////////////////////////////// **✿little imperfection hand-stitched gold bag ✿** - Size flat - Strap length: 100cm / 120cm (detachable) * Includes 40cm short chain Mouth gold size: 20cm Length: 20 cm (excluding gold) Width: 25 cm Depth: 6 cm - Material - Table cloth: Japan imported fabric Lining: Imported fabric Strap: Bronze Metal Chain Gold: Bronze gold - Tactile - There is extra cotton, so it is very comfortable and soft ///////////////////////////////////// **/ Product Q&A /** **Q. How to choose the length of the bronze chain that suits you?** **A :**In 160 cm, the 100 cm chain length bag will fall on the waist, and the 120 cm point will be around the hips below the waist. However, because each person’s height is different, the back will still have some Difference, the most accurate way to measure the chain is to take a tape measure, a rope or a wire in the home. After measuring the full length of 100/120cm, you can compare it yourself. It will be clear where the seat of the bag is probably falling, or you can follow your backpack bag. Habits to make choices! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ **Q. What is the custom stamping service?** **A :**is to print your English name or favorite English word free in the leather standard seat in the bag, custom-made belongs to your exclusive bag! The stencil only provides uppercase English letters. Due to the limited space of the leather label, the**letters suggest 1-7 especially good**, which will make the letters crowded more difficult to see! ✿ Steel Seal English Name - Reference Photo ✿ https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7920/33452661218_bab4e24d4b_b.jpg **Q. I can't find the option for the stamp service!** **A:**If you need to stamp services, as long as the next single page**"message to the designer."**field and told to leave the letters you want to stamp, so that our orders will be your background Demand! **Q. I want to buy extra packaging or small cards. What is the style?** **A:**We use plain wrapping paper and hemp rope for packaging. The brand tag is tied on the hemp rope, which is simple and elegant style! The small card is made of yellow sketch paper for edge destruction treatment, plus sealing wax decoration to present a handmade atmosphere! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49126164987_feae503987_c.jpg **Q. How many days does it take to make and ship?** **A :**General production takes 5-7 working days (excluding holidays), and it takes about 2-5 days to send. It depends on the delivery method and location you choose, if it is in stock plus If there is no special demand, it will be shipped the next day after the order is placed! **Q. I have to give someone in a few days, can I get an urgent order?** **A :**You can first inform me of the time you want to receive, and the designer will evaluate whether it can be rushed or in stock according to time. Designers need a certain amount of time, especially when there are a large number of orders. Hard work, blistering will blisters, please don't tell the "very hurry" when you place an order, or start the reminder immediately after placing the order, thank you for your understanding. **Q. I really like the shape of a certain brand. Can I use your cloth to do it? Can the size help me to do bigger or more inner separation?** **A :**Sorry, all the products in the museum are designed and designed by the designers themselves. They belong to the brand's design products. They can't change the size, copy his brand shape, splicing multiple fabrics, etc. The behavior, we are the brand of gold bags, not the OEM! **Q. I really like the fabric of a 3way bag of yours, but I want to make a classic mouth bag style. Can you order it for me?** **A:**Yes! As long as the colors you see in this building can be made into the "brand" bag you want! You can use the internal letter to ask customer service first, and follow the customer service instructions to place an order for you after evaluation! ///////////////////////////////////// **/ After-sales service /** . All products have a one-year warranty service, and any damage caused by non-human misuse within one year can be repaired free of charge. . If you are damaged, you can use the station letter to contact, and attach a photo of the damaged parts of the product, so that designers can evaluate it! **// Precautions//** . The products are all hand-made, the production process may be slightly different, if you have any questions, please contact customer service. . The stamps are all artificially engraved and cannot be completely centered. It is normal if not severely distort. . Cloth printing will also have different presentations due to the cutting relationship. If you have special needs, you can ask customer service first. . The overseas import tariff rate is different. If the customs approves the import tariff, it will be paid by the consumer himself. || Please use the supermarket to pick up the payment within seven days|| If you do not take more than three times in a half year, you will be disqualified from the pinkoi overtaking service. In addition, the stamped goods are part of the customer product and cannot be sold twice. In order to protect the rights of you and the designer, please be sure to pick up the goods within the time. || If you have any questions, please feel free to use the station letter and customer service to discuss communication|| We will actively deal with you, please do not ask for a four-star rating without asking, please respect the designer and hand value, thank you. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48605159752_1debd190d5_b.jpg Thank you for your patience, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact customer service. Good day :)


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