Egg noodle garnet ear needles Nepal handmade 925 sterling silver

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*The goods are already in Taiwan, 1-2 days after the order is placed, the Taiwan post will be sent. Garnet is the birthstone in January. It is generally a good gem for female friends. Because it can promote blood circulation, increase vitality, and then have the effect of beauty and beauty, it has also become the first choice for women's jewelry.



Egg noodle garnet ear needles Nepal handmade 925 sterling silver


Size description- Bare stone size: 6mm Wearing method: piercing/ear acupuncture ✨The internal crystals are clean, without cracks or lint. Material Description- The natural egg noodle garnet is entirely made of 925 sterling silver, and the black part is specially treated with vulcanization. Q: What is the common "vulcanization treatment" in Nepal jewelry? A: Actually, when silver jewelry turns black, "oxidation" is a common folklore. Oxidation refers to the interaction of substances with oxygen, but the blackening of silver (jewelry) is related to the "sulfur" in the air, so the surface of silver (jewelry) The black substance (may be brown, light brown or dark brown or brown), this is "silver sulfide". Generally silver (jewelry) will turn black and lose its luster if it is not properly maintained, so the correct name should be "sulfide", which is the reaction of hydrogen sulfide in the air or sulfur dioxide in water, so sulfide is formed on the surface of silver (jewelry) silver. Nepal’s silver jewelry craftsmanship will be specially treated with "vulcanization" (looks black or old), the purpose is to increase the characteristics of a craft! If you don't like it, you can try to dip the toothpaste with a soft brush, and gently brush it several times to remove the parts that have been deliberately vulcanized. Product contains- Earrings, Kashmir characteristic handmade boxes, silver cloth, PVC jewelry storage bag 💫Nairli's special note: Jewelry designed with natural stones, try not to harm the natural gems themselves, but because they are all handmade, there is a certain chance to accidentally make the gems have a little injury when placing the gems, sometimes visible to the naked eye, sometimes It is totally invisible. Please confirm before you buy, you can accept the "possible" defect beauty of these accessories, and then check out! (Most of the natural stone itself contains lint/bubbles and cracks caused by natural knots. Please also inquire or search for relevant information before buying😊) ■Freight description Nellie's products are all shipped from Nepal, but in order to save your international shipping costs, if your receiving address is in an Asian country, we will consolidate the order once a week, send the products to the Taiwan studio, and then by our colleagues in Taiwan Send the goods to you. 🌟🌟🌟Note: *If you are a buyer from China/Taiwan, please fill in your receiving information in Chinese (Taiwan, please provide postal code 3+2), so as to avoid language translation causing delayed delivery of goods. **Taiwan customers want to choose a super business for pickup, please link to the following products and make up the shipping fee! ***Friends in Hong Kong and China, because Taiwan shipments are sent by the postal system, if you want to use SF Express, please help us to make up some of the fees!


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