Cleaning Theory│Persimmon Pet Deodorant Spray Concentration Group│Taiwan Red Jade│With Pet Bath

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● Persimmon net flavor Persimmon tannin deodorant net flavor formula is extracted from the natural deodorizing ingredient "Atago Persimmon". It has the functions of "deodorization, bacteriostasis and fragrance", can quickly adsorb odor


Cleaning Theory│Persimmon Pet Deodorant Spray Concentration Group│Taiwan Red Jade│With Pet Bath

商品説明 Product Name:**Persimmon Net Flavor / Persimmon Tannin Deodorizing Net Flavor Group** Specifications: 200ml spray bottle + 200ml concentrate Ingredients: Water, Persimmon Extract, Perfume Extract, Glycerin, Grapefruitseed Extract, Preservative Origin: Taiwan **Deodorant product group designed for pet families** ● Alcohol-free, non-irritating, xylitol-free, use directly on pets, spray or wipe with a wet paper towel to wash ass. ● Approximately 10ml bottle caps with shampoo bath, washing pet products with laundry detergent, deodorant and antibacterial. ● Spray pet space, wipe the floor, and quickly deodorize! ● Using water and oxygen machine, continuous deodorization in space. **Natural Fruit Extract** Food grade deodorant and antibacterial patent, can be used for children and babies The advantages of natural fruits, easily solve the annoying odor problem! Alcohol-free, non-irritating, xylitol-free, can be used for children with hair, food grade The formula can directly contact the skin, and is suitable for various home environment spaces and clothes, effectively removing odors! **Japanese deodorant patent formula** The polyphenols extracted from natural fruits through fermentation and filtration and partial oxidation etc., persimmon tannins that belong to Condensed Tannin have a more complex structure. The tannin content in polyphenols is effective for deodorizing and sterilizing wine. 20 times, 70 times tea. **5 seconds fast deodorizing power** The deodorizing effect of persimmon is not a temporary or superficial way to coat the smell like a deodorizing spray or perfume. It has a strong deodorizing effect and a long-lasting deodorizing effect because it can break down bad odors such as sweat and aging. Antioxidant effect of tannins. By preventing the oxidation of sweat and dirt, it also has the effect of suppressing the generation of the original odor. In fact, it eliminates more than 90% of the main odors, such as isovaleric acid, acetic acid, ammonia and nonenal. 1. Spray directly on the body. The net smell of persimmon can directly contact the skin to effectively remove the smell of sweat. It can also be sprayed on a wet paper towel or handkerchief to wipe the body. Spray on clothing to quickly eliminate odors, and the neutral formula does not harm the fabric. 2. It can be sprayed on odorous space environments, such as toilets, shoe cabinets, shoes, car interiors, trash cans, kitchens, etc., with a rag and paper towel to wipe the home environment, floors, desktops, ovens, etc. 3. Can be used on pets, wipe the floor without fear of dogs licking, spray on wet paper to wipe feet or butt, concentrated liquid with bath essence bath, can be sprayed directly on pets, worry about smell can choose non-scented product. 4.Clean intimate clothes or socks, spray evenly after intimate clothes, or soak with about 10ml of 2 bottles of concentrated liquid with laundry detergent.


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