Retro hand-drawn map of the world notebook - large (L)

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harui-studio ショップへ

Retro hand-drawn map of the world notebook - large (L)


Always dreamed of going to your next trip
Better to carry the world map with a walk

Featured Black / primary / Distressed three color
Whether it is low-key and reserved black models
The more you use will be more or caramel-colored original skin color models
Electricity or burn pen to draw the retro feel of vintage models 100
We are fine hand-painted strokes on the map in the dermis
Every one we really like oh
(You can also determine their own notebook color Oh !!)

Inside are free to install 2-4 Notebook
There are also two dimensions as you choose
Whether weekday use notes
Letters are still plans to travel abroad for good
Just be ready for the new year!

*Material Description:
Italian leather (part leather / fabric / hardware limited quantity, if we will be closest to the shortage of material substitution)

* Dimensions :( fold after)
Large (L) Width 15.5cm x height 22.5cm (can hold A5 notebook)

*other instructions:
[Color photo slight color cast to the actual product colors prevail]
[Part leather / fabric / hardware limited number, if we will be closest to the shortage of alternative materials]
[Each leather color and texture to the animals natural traces, these traces have become unique leather
Charming. ]

* Basic Maintenance
[The best way is often to use his maintenance, grease our hands is the natural maintenance oil!]
[Leather too long not used will be dry, usually basic maintenance (1 to 3 months):
With soft hair (horse hair) brush lightly leather surface, followed by a clean soft cloth with a thin layer of oil on the maintenance,
Maintenance will be after the leather was glossier than the previous maintenance!]

* Scar treatment
[Scratched: leather care oil graze against scratches direction can reduce scratch marks]
[Decolorization: Summer sweating / Try not to wear light-colored clothing when it rains, dark leather to prevent contaminated clothing. ]
[Moldy: Avoid moldy leather material can plug Newspapers / usually be placed in a low humidity, well-ventilated place in the leather material]
[Prevent water marks:
(Can not be forced to clean under wet conditions to avoid distortion and bleaching) 1. The leather was wet throughout.
2. The leather was dry naturally (not high-temperature drying to prevent cracking leather).
3. leather from wet to dry process of fat loss will follow, and finally the last oil need to maintain luster. ]
[Leather surface dirt: Eraser gently wipe (compared with the original leather is not recommended)]
[Cortex harden: with leather oil wipe, you can restore the original soft]
[Mildew: brush gently brushing mold surface, then wipe clean with a damp cloth once placed ventilated place to remove musty]
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


日本US$ 15.30US$ 1.70
中国US$ 17.00US$ 1.70
香港US$ 3.40US$ 1.70
その他の国・地域US$ 11.90US$ 1.70


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