Earth good music | A5 recycled paper notebook - primary color good mushroom A

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Many people have used photo-printed waste paper to calculate paper and draft drafts. We have extended this concept to design a recycled paper notebook that is both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The adlip turns back into a notebook.



Earth good music | A5 recycled paper notebook - primary color good mushroom A

商品説明 Can print multiple formats as inner pages Recycling paper notebook use Pen insert manual usage How to make a spread page format Recycled paper notes - production process ※Please note before placing the order: Since the surface of the art paper has not been glazed, and the manual process of the recycled paper notebook is complicated, each surface may have traces left in the process. Please confirm that it is acceptable before placing an order. The good mushroom set is designed for the 3rd anniversary of fundraising Continuation of the first generation of fundraising versions [The dead trees can grow a mushroom full of vitality] [Used paper can continue to carry the message of life] Design concept for the cover Collect waste paper around you and re-create it into a notebook Revitalize life through simple resources Friendly environment, never waste Imported kraft paper + recycled cardboard hand-layered [Exclusive Patent Structure] can use any A5 (A4 fold) paper suitable for writing as an inner page **[Use better again - practice environmental protection in daily life]** Collect photocopied A4 paper, advertising DM, fold it into the notebook after folding, and let the waste paper change the notebook. **[One for various purposes]** You can download or design a variety of formats, print out as an internal page, arrange the order of the pages according to the usage habits, and create a completely personalized notebook. **[Planned]**Flexible use of year, month, week, day and other planning formats. Arrange in advance to let you complete all the to-do items with ease. **[Inspired]**Inspiration that may emerge at any time, you need better tools to keep it. Print a variety of design templates to keep you prepared. **[Learning]**Pre-print the class materials in the notebook page, write the draft in the first time of the course, and then replace the draft into the collated content, so that you can easily move towards the road of learning. **[Simple 3 steps to create a dedicated notebook]** . Fold A4 photocopy paper . Put photo paper and manual (pen insert) into the recycle paper notebook and fix it with small black clips . Remove the small black clip tail and put the tail into the small black clip storage card **[Product Specifications]**(This product does not include the inside page) Size: 15.7 x 22 x 1.2 cm Material: imported kraft paper (including 25% recycled pulp), gray cardboard (recycled recycled paper) . Taiwan Design & Made in Taiwan . Recycled paper notebook x 1 . Bronze long tail clip x 2 . Instruction manual (pen insert) x 1 . Tail storage card x 1 **【Precautions】** Product photos are different due to the difference between the ambient light source and the end display device (the color of different brands of mobile phones, tablets and computer screens will be different), the color of the product and the actual product will be different, the color is subject to the actual product, such as If you have any doubts, please contact us first.


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