Carol elastic Wide / handmade hair band

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Carol elastic Wide / handmade hair band


Curly Curly 2016 F / W hairband collection The new autumn and winter new color This special selection for the autumn and winter season classic tricolor Release Beautiful Hepburn series 🌹 Hepburn series consists of three color Respectively - Natalie elastic Wide / handmade hair band - Carol elastic Wide / handmade hair band - Black Swan Elastic Wide / handmade hair band Kahlo Is simple and stylish camel Elegant and sophisticated and refined 🐈 Girl Queen temperament Department **Material**| selection of Japanese high-pound cotton Cloth linen material containing ingredients will significantly than cotton to endure Three-dimensional contours are excellent Hepburn series of specially selected high pounds of fabric, fabric texture make higher floor **Version**| In order to create a sense of extravagance Hepburn series, we have substantially increased the width of the ribbon, Wide elastic than other sections of the hair band, wider version of the Hepburn family come Oh! ! ! With a high amount of fat is also more suitable for winter outfit ~ More photos Unlike subsection (aluminum + hose) hair band Elastic hair band version can be more convenient and easy to use In the back of a small cut plus elastic manner Simply casual wear Tell the girls Oh ~ Use as many yuan Oh ~ And added a more convenient elastic band dressed! Use the following simple demonstration Long hair short hair Baotou If your hair is relatively goo slide, you can use small clamps to live this way as we Packet header teaching Follow the steps to complete simple and casual look with a bag of hair Come give it a try !!! Below is cute packaging elastic hair band version **size** Curly hair band width version use the elastic band, durability good, just started using tight will be normal. ☝🏻️ Hair bands are in accordance with head circumference 54cm (plus or minus 1cm) down production, we've tested, head circumference 52 ~ 55cm to wear the most comfortable! So now, begin with two types of size, there are two "normal version" and "Extended Edition"! ! 🏳 "normal version": 52 ~ 55cm 🏴 "Extended Edition": 56 ~ 60cm Only two types of so relatively easy to produce and size! ! ! If you measure your head circumference greater than 55cm, or until there is curly hair worn loose belt after still like a little person, you can order additional notes when you want to "Extended" (Again, please use the elastic band after become loose this into account, once extended after no longer accept returns) 🍳 little reminder ㄧ: head circumference measurement method is head straight, eyes straight ahead, then starting from the middle of the forehead point, parallel to bypass the back of the head in a circle, parallel measurements must remember Oh! (Side view of a ring and is parallel to the ground), can be a large number of times confirmation. (As shown below) 🍳 two little reminder: In fact, real tight with our guests reaction hair with very few, most of the guests are still just the size, after all, is itself elastic band will be used several times looser, so please consider carefully before Oh extended (again, once extended after no longer accept returns) **Cleaning method** Hand wash or laundry bag into the washing machine, do not pull vigorously, can be dried **Caution before ordering** Before ordering, first color difference due to different screen display that may result into account, And confirm the good size, style, shipping, payment methods, Sold after no longer accept substandard color or size or other personal grounds required operational problems return (of course there is no appreciation of seven days Oh !!) Curly Curly handmade & design Origin / manufacturing methods Tainan / handmade bag sewn edge


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