Tree of Life Hydra Q Cream <Botany: Refreshing: Moisturizing: Oil Control: Sensitive Muscle>

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Capacity: 30ml The strongest moisturizer is born! Life Tree Extract + French certified natural hyaluronic acid sensitiv



熊愛植萃 ショップへ

Tree of Life Hydra Q Cream &lt;Botany: Refreshing: Moisturizing: Oil Control: Sensitive Muscle&gt;

**_ African Life Tree Extract _**
The African Tree of Life, also known as the Palm Tree, survives for 5,000 to 6,000 years. Its trunk stores water and is highly water-retaining. It protects the skin from water loss from the surface of the skin, and its active ingredients firm the skin. , Rejuvenate your skin, nourish and revitalize your skin.

**_ polar ice collagen _**
1. It can promote the formation of collagen fibers and promote the relaxation of skin
2.Stimulate the biosynthesis of aminoglucan (GAG), which has the effect of reshaping firming skin
3. Improve the level of Decorin and Lumican, strengthen the collagen fiber SYN® -HYCAN is an innovative “peptide” that can stimulate the biosynthesis of the dermal layer and make the skin more soft and moisturizing , to improve skin feel, can be used as an alternative to skin care products. In addition to stimulation, SYN®-HYCAN can also stimulate Lumican and Decorin related to skin collagen fibers. Two proteoglycans are related to the firmness of collagen fibers, both of which help tighten the collagen fibers of the skin and stabilize them.

**_Sage sage extract_**
Native to the Mediterranean coast, Latin is called Salvia and it means "to save."
Rich in essential active ingredients, triterpene acid and ursolic acid, its antioxidant activity is superior to that of pine bark and grape seed extract. It has been experimentally proven that sage extract can effectively fight inflammation, reduce the production of inflammatory factors, and relieve skin discomfort. Excellent convergence, antibacterial, soothing and soothing functions.
Natural anti-depressants and anti-inflammatory agents also relieve anxiety and aphrodisiac, and can also help combat insomnia.

The perfect key ring pentapeptide, which has a special ring structure, is the first cyclic peptide in the cosmetics industry and can accurately combat wrinkles and fine lines. As a patented ingredient, it can smooth uneven texture, reduce wrinkle generation, and tighten skin, increase fullness and elasticity, and further create perfect young muscle age.

**_ Odd muscle factor WonderlightTM_**
The cones extracted from hops contain xanthohumol, a factor approved by Japanese authorities to effectively reduce the synthesis and sedimentation of melanin. It also has a good moisturizing and nourishing effect, soothing the skin's sensitive skin and giving the skin a natural glow. .


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