Small silver breeze bracelet Bracelet VISHI original handmade wild sea wind rattan bracelet s925 sterling silver tube old craft men and women couple gifts

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From time to time, the original design of the small windy breeze bracelet is handmade and has a thickness of about 7mm.



Small silver breeze bracelet Bracelet VISHI original handmade wild sea wind rattan bracelet s925 sterling silver tube old craft men and women couple gifts


It takes 30 days to customize the cycle of the rattan bracelet. Please do not worry after placing an order. After the production is completed, we will send it to you immediately.!!34010003.jpg Zhang Ailing once described her situation before leaving the mainland: On the eve of leaving Shanghai... My only gold decoration is a small gold-leafed rattan bracelet worn at the age of five or six. There are brownish rough vines with light-coloured lines and dragonflies. He used a knife to scrape the glossy back of the metal sculpture, but the former gold package was particularly thick, scraping and hanging or gold is not silver. After shaving for a long time, there was a small piece of pan-white. He saw a distressing look on my face and he said: This comrade's face is very honest, she said that the gold package is gold. Zhang Ailing's only portable gold jewelry when Bao Jinteng bracelet was seen can be seen in her heart is very important. PS: During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, women needed to use rattan bracelets as a dowry. Wind rattan The remnants of the collectibles are not the popular Tibetan Millettia but wind vines. First, the wind vine bracelet in the Ming and Qing Dynasties mostly female dowry items Second, wind vine density is higher than Millettia, not easy to corrode The wind vine is in a flat cylindrical shape with a gray-brown or brown surface. Longitudinal prismatic texture and obvious nodes, enlarged joints, adventitious roots!!34010003.jpg Wind vines are mainly produced in coastal areas of China's Taiwan and deep mountains in Zhejiang "The new book of Materia Medica" records the wind vine "The path is complex, and the blood is veined, the chin is wide, the wet and the wind are damp, the athlete's foot is lumbar, the urine is cured, and the fetus is cured." According to legend, wearing wind vine bracelet has the moral meaning of avoiding disaster Take nature and feel at ease. Tradesman system, non-production!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg **Product parameters**!!34010003.jpg Brand: VISHI Product Name: Small silver breeze bracelet Material: natural wild vine, S925 sterling silver Process: handmade Specifications: wind vine about 7mm thickness Size: Please refer to the end of the page [Palm circumference measurement] Select the corresponding size Conservation: wind cane can not touch the water for a long time, everyday encounter the water, please wipe dry.!!34010003.jpg **Model wear display**!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg **Product showcase**!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg **Palm circumference measurement**!!34010003.jpg **Bracelet size reference**(Please refer to this table before ordering)!!34010003.jpg **Rattan bracelet maintenance method** Waterproof and moistureproof Rattan bracelets are not easy to keep in a damp environment. If you do not care about mildew, use a clean, soft cloth to clean. Oily and dry When the surface is dry, apply it with maintenance oil. **Product packaging**!!34010003.jpg As the maintenance oil delivered with the product is within the scope of the item sent by the express airline prohibition limit, if airmail is issued (such as SF Express), the maintenance oil will not be delivered with the product. The maintenance of rattan bracelet can use vegetable oil (olive oil, walnut oil, etc.) instead of maintenance oil. **How to use oil:** Take proper amount of curing oil onto the surface of the vine and apply evenly by hand or cotton cloth until the oil is completely absorbed.


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