"Mountain Lan" Shen Jing Sui Shan │ natural ore Bodhizi rosary pure primitive white mana grass Bodhi turquoise ore hand sterling silver septum 925 silver pendant bracelet bracelet


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    Shan Lan

    Silent sitting in the trail, the number of distant hills of the mountain. Fog, the environment, such as mood churn, sometimes calm, slow, and steady stream. Legend of the mountain from the rise of the earth Reiki, is the forest, wood, flowers, grass symbiotic energy Breath. Like the guardian of the mountain spirit, filled in the direction of looking for light, the city, the return of the call of the mountains.

    Shan Lan is a quiet version of the Bodhisattva works "Sui Shan Shi".
    And spike the same as the mountains and rivers exudes a full of forest aura, since the introduction of the works of the mountain, we learned from the joy of the guests, although the Bodhi child is not easy to save, can not be as random as the millennium is the eternal existence of the millennium. But Bodhi is a natural crop, has a very important flowers and trees of the earth characteristics, is a lot of people in the psychological search for a quiet attribution.
    Than the ore's eternal and deep spiritual power, Bodhi child more warmth of vitality and natural Aura.

    "Bodhi" was originally Sanskrit, known as awareness, enlightenment, and "mountain" is like a view of the scenery.
    We will be magnificent mountains, meditation of the woods, as well as lingering white fog into a hand heart of blessing, can carry, accompanied, busy to give yourself a moment, look at the seeds, turn the stone, the heart can Follow the quiet down.

    Ore and Bodhi Zi Introduction:
    Grass Bodhi ─ wild wild yi, sky blue gradient and rounded small seeds, a symbol of purity and elegance, also known as "the blessing of the moon."
    Admiralty Bodhi ─ ─ leaf lemon eucalyptus fruit, produced in India, is a medicinal plant, with a unique herbal aroma, refreshing effect.
    White crystal ─ ─ white crystal is one of the magical gift of the earth, there is purification, eliminate negative energy, concentrate on the help.
    Turquoise - turquoise is the healing stone, can help Enron inner, and then enhance and stabilize the physical and mental energy.
    White Agate - Agate is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, there are great features to eliminate stress, fatigue, turbidity and so on.

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    ★ Any custom Alice design, are given: "free warranty". (See details below)

    ★ order are attached - [classic packaging]
    "Gold Box", "Snow Charcoal Carpet", "Dust Card", "Branded Card, Warranty Card", "Stainless Steel Foil", "Royal Copper Oil (for Copper Accessories)"

    ★ optional [simple packaging]
    "Storage box", "warranty card", "silver plate"
    Low-carbon version of the simple package, we will provide you with "60% discount on shipping offers", if you want to use simple packaging, only need to check out the coupon serial number: SimplePackaging1111111

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    Material / Material
    Natural grass Bodhi, Admiralty Bodhi, foggy white agate, white crystal, African turquoise, 925 sterling silver accessories, sterling silver cast thread septa, Japan stretch yarn.
    Origin: Taiwan, manual design


    ● use & maintenance
    1. If you accidentally contaminated stains, can be washed directly with water, then dry cloth can be.
    2. Natural ore tolerance is high, natural color for the nature of minerals, so there will be no fading or oxidation.
    3. Alice uses high purity natural metal (pure brass, sterling silver), will be in contact with air, rain or sweat for a long time and gradually oxidation. So "seaside, bathing, swimming, exercise is best to" remove the wear "" to keep the metal shiny bright.
    4. Sterling silver oxidation, you can use wiping silver cloth gently wipe, until the silver piece can be restored luster.
    5. Brass can be used after oxidation of cotton sticks dip copper oil, evenly applied to the brass pieces, and dry with a dry cloth several times, the cloth black said wiping effective, rub a few times to restore the light.


    ● for you, after-sales service
    All Alice's design works are "free warranty three times" service.
    You will receive a copy of the "product warranty card", if the wear process inadvertently pulled off, damaged, or need to adjust the size, cleaning, oil maintenance, etc., can fill the warranty card, and Works, tin box sent to us, we will be careful for you to deal with. So be sure to collect a good warranty card, a work exclusive, like your "work identity card."
    Warranty card + works + tin box = warranty service

    ● crystal, ore is needed to purify
    Often people describe the crystal like a natural bowl, or memory carrier, to accept what the magnetic field will resonate that frequency. It is also a feature that enhances the positive magnetic field and maintains the stability of the partner's own. But the same, if the crystal contact with too much negative energy, long-term down will be changed, and indirectly affect the owner. This time it is necessary to let him rest, re-clean (degaussing), back to the natural neutral state.

    There are many ways to clean up, here to provide two less need to prepare props, very convenient, very comfortable purification method.

    1. Daylight purification
    Zero cost, but need good weather. The crystal will be placed in a sunny windowsill, so warm sunshine, because the energy of sunlight is relatively strong, the time is not too long, generally about 30 minutes or so. (But if it is gray cloudy days, or the sun will be increased or decreased the amount of time)
    But not light on the effective, the proposal can imagine their own sunbathing principle, warm and comfortable like, you do not love dried sun dry sun exposure, your crystal does not love.

    2. Spring, stream purification method
    Is the so-called "wash stone", nature has always been the best healing!
    To the natural environment, when the green, if the case of a clear and comfortable creek can be put into the crystal ore, gently rub, rinse, so that the spring washed away the dirt on the stone, while an endless stream of energy to take away the negative magnetic field, will To the balance of nature.
    (Please pay attention to safety, do not choose hard to access the water or magnificent waterfall!)
    This is also a very zero cost of purification, while more opportunities for their own to the mountains to walk, purify the crystal at the same time will purify your body and mind.

    ● Brand small strokes
    Seemingly trivial natural ore, but to show such an incredible beauty, as if a kind of mysterious force, contains, waiting to release.

    Arya. A laya's mission is
    "Through the creation of natural ores, combined with the mind and metalwork, the earth's energy into pure, concise carry accessories, bring more in-depth life aesthetics."

    Move with time
    Life constantly facing a variety of ups and downs, always affect the inner stability.
    we believe
    A cup of tea, to dilute the mood of disorder.
    In the taste of each taste of tea every bit of fragrance, it seems not consciously suspended the whole world.
    As if a beautiful design, people can once again feel the beauty of life.
    Through the temperature of the hand, delicate links every pure natural mineral, feel the natural stone special moist and meticulous energy.
    People find the soul of the quiet, always soaked in the natural flavor of the Mu, the return of pure happiness.

    In between the movement, realize the life
    ─ ─ feel, Che, static, the United States

    Origin / manufacturing method
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"Mountain Lan" Shen Jing Sui Shan │ natural ore Bodhizi rosary pure primitive white mana grass Bodhi turquoise ore hand sterling silver septum 925 silver pendant bracelet bracelet





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