Rainbow Series - colorful postcards 1 into + badge 8 into

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Rainbow Series - colorful postcards 1 into + badge 8 into


[Colorful series of colorful postcards into a + badge 8 into] The rainbow represents many positive energy and also reminds us of love and equality Like you and me under the same sky, I wish happiness and happiness with us / Badge material & origin tinplate, plastic / Taiwan printing / Size of about 4cm <About order & shipping> Delivery time: Monday to Friday 8: 00-17: 00, excluding weekends and holidays For each customer we will attach great importance to cats and dogs warehouse receipt notice of delivery, each product will be carefully packaged before shipment, so that it can be safely delivered to your hands; So as soon as possible to the goods friends , Please help pay processing, so that we can run the shipping process more efficiently. Another reminder, convenient store pickup have a longer fixed working days, so can not be sent the next day sent to Oh, if you want to hurry to receive the goods, please refer to the post office sent more. / Designer and brand profile / "MonkeyCookie" series of works, the style of unique black and white lines as the keynote, each painting is hand-painted works for the substrate, the image will be extended to embellish the beauty of life a moment. The images are capriciously written to give you a warm, healing touch to your life, resonating our work with your dialogue. The protagonist Ellen Monkey comes from VB Planet, a friendly alien that looks like a monkey, lively. He is happy to meet you ♥ 1988 Sydney. Set up MonkeyCookie Taipei 2006 MonkeyCookie illustration products set up in Taiwan / About the artist Ellen Princess / Australian Taiwanese illustrator living Sydney, "MonkeyCookie" founder of cultural and creative illustrator brand. Recent Works Taipei City MRT Zhongshan Station R9 exit of the public art work "City art walk away"; published in 2013 the first Zine graphic book "MonkeyCookie with cats"; continue to create and continue to try illustration in a variety of fields play . Rich experience in cooperation and creative experience, such as Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Yingge Ceramics Museum, MRT Zhongshan Station Public Works of Art, Taipei Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taiwan Power Company, Chinese Culture Festival, Mandarin Daily, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. View of life: beautiful things are always waiting. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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