1212 play design funny everywhere stickers waterproof stickers - Q version portrait pet portrait name stickers

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Film waterproof sticker ●It is soft film/non-paper/waterproof/sun resistant ● Can be attached to the helmet, locomotiv



1212 play design funny everywhere stickers waterproof stickers - Q version portrait pet portrait name stickers


How to order Please read the following rules clearly. The subscript agrees with the following rules. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- ●Q version portrait/pet portrait, not necessarily very similar, can accept our style and then order! ● This product cannot be copied and used by itself. ● After the pattern is drawn, the fee will be deducted from the remittance fee if you do not like it or not. The subscript is twice the cost of drawing 400 yuan! ● Each group of portrait stickers is 12 sheets each size, the height is 5CM // width is calculated in the same proportion! ● Each group of portraits**only draws one person like**. Two portraits, please have two subscripts, and so on. ●It can be attached to children's school utensils, easy to identify and wash! ● The time is 7-10 working days after the "confirm" pattern, excluding the 6/day/national holiday. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- ●After confirming the subscript remittance, please pass a portrait photo you want to draw. (// Focus on the front face ///) Need a clear picture! ●●●●●●● The following photo rules are not necessarily read ●●●●●●●● ●Please be careful ●Photos must be carefully selected! Photos will affect the creation. , does not provide redrawing services. There is a color modification service provided once, and the lines are not modified! ●Limited color modification, ※Do not change the line ※ ˋI will not change the meaning of photo re-painting!! -- Please be careful!! No service for redrawing pictures! ●Photos of mobile phones are usually poorly diluted, so it is better to take a partial front photo of the head as much as possible. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- ※The photo of the photo is the best! The size of the photo is not enough, the magnification is blurred, it will affect the imaging of the work! ※The avatar can't be cut, it needs to be complete, and it needs to be visible! The photo composition needs to be based on face/head integrity. ※The frontal photo of the girl's tied ponytail~ Because I can't see the back hair, the picture will be short hair~ If you don't like it, please pass the photo of the hair style! Short hair is like a boy!! ※Children's photo hair, because the drawing style does not need to appear ~ Please choose the full hairstyle! ※Photo angles such as documents big head photos ~ Parallel by good ~ Elevation or bow photos will make the face deformed! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- ※Photos such as documents are the best! ●Add purchase stickers, please have two subscripts, and so on. ●If you have any questions, you can discuss the information in the station! ^^ After subscripting, you agree to the above rules, please read the instructions clearly. Film waterproof sticker -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- ●It is soft film / non-paper / thick / waterproof / light fast. ●Environmental ink printing / height masking material. ● It can be pasted for a long time and is not easy to refill. ● Can be attached to the helmet, locomotive, mobile phone back cover, notebook, luggage, car, etc. ●General flat / metal / wood products / ceramic products / cement wall (no wall cancer) / glass / can be pasted. ●It can be washed after the outside of the kettle/vacuum bottle~! ● Single-time stickers. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ○Required text (within 12 words): ○ text color: ○ Image line color: (dark gray / blue / purple / peach / dark peach / dark brown) ○ skin color: (general / Jiankang wheat / deep wheat / black) ○ Hair color: (deep/shallow----/red/orange/yellow/green/blue/靛/purple/grey/brown) ○Remarks: -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Size: Height is 5CM // Width is calculated in the same proportion! This package: a total of 12 into -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan printing / manual cutting


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