Write the word X sugar came from the home staff gift group [autumn & red bean small package]

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♡ "sugar, come" studio new product - red bean bag, when you need warmth, to help you warm-up, warm-up, warm he



Write the word X sugar came from the home staff gift group [autumn & red bean small package]


Write and write to convey beautiful stories and messages, and look forward to this message, can really walk into your life.
In particular, they invited their staff to "work for you" as a practical gift and hand-written greetings. From the other side of Shanhai, take it to you.

**[Sugar, a small red bean warm package]**
Use the unpackaged red beans in Taiwan, brown rice, with healing cotton line, carefully sewn. Naturally distributed after heating the slightly fragrant red beans, with calming, soothing effect, when the heat by abdominal pain, can ease the pain discomfort. Cold weather, deposited in the neck, abdomen, the heat slowly to spread the body, so you no longer because of the cold and tightening limbs.
The use of red beans and brown rice insulation is not easy to heat the characteristics of the use of electric cooker or microwave heating for a few minutes to use. Compared to the electrical appliances that need to be plugged in for a long time, natural materials can be used with peace of mind, reduce electricity consumption, and save energy.
Size: about 18 x 12 cm
Color: red / blue dull optional

**Staff introduction (from "house workers" Part. 3 autumn)**
From the very young age, I watched a lot of newspapers control the social issues of small sugar. After graduating from college, I had done more than five kinds of work and asked myself to get up before going to work every day. What is the relationship between this work and me? Help? "This is the source of her passion for work.

Because love is very "made" and go to fashion design short-term study of small sugar, the ideal job is to fabric products and friendly environment combined. The first contact with cloth hygienic cotton foundry, as if electrified to the same, "incredible, the ideal work began." Then a thought appeared, to live in the ideal place, Hualien.

**[Writing and Writing Studio _ "House workers" Part. 3 Autumn]**
Home Business Working and living at home
table of Contents:
01 work into daily life, everything is free _ big books Studio
02 Things connected with people, earned fate _ some did not - used, miscellaneous goods, bed and breakfasts
03 zero garbage life, aware of every little thing to practice _ trivia life little things for wood
04 intimate girls love the earth _ sugar, came - cloth sanitary napkins

05 family, the most beloved partner _ square home - friendly cleaning supplies
06 Made in Hualien A home-based dream _ really want to live this shop
07 dreams bearing love and concept family number _ good book house
08 to accompany the birth of the super custom handmade package _TOLU A La MODE

09 yoga nourishment, practicing the moment _ 花莲 Love yoga
10 curiosity to open the body and soul healing pipe _ left poppy - hypnosis healing studio
11 textbooks are not in the classroom _Dinky's English picture book concert
12 in the life of Hualien, music elements into the phonetic stack

**Product specifications**
Number of pages: 80 pages
Size: 185 (w) mm ╳ 240 (h) mm
Paper: Cover _ fragrance paper 190g, inside the page _ full color snow song _80g
Printing: full color printing
Author: 2016 teachers and students to write and write creative editing school

**delivery time**
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