Crystal patent mirror | 15D butterfly 玳瑁 | bright glass polarized sunglasses

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Made in Taiwan | Semi-manual production | Brightening glass polarized sunglasses The meaning of travel is to meet more beautiful scenery, unique global brightening technology, and UV425 highest level of protection technology, to bring you unprecedented vis


Crystal patent mirror | 15D butterfly 玳瑁 | bright glass polarized sunglasses


/Product Specifications Product Number|15D0101 Lens material|glass polarized Curvature curvature|6 Optical grade|1 Filter classification|3 Light transmittance|10% Mirror color|CRYSTAL patent coated mirror Frame color|玳瑁色 Frame Material|TR90 + NICKEL SILVER Product size|Mirror width 59mm, nose bridge width 16mm, temple length 140mm **Each pair of sunglasses is equipped with an eyeglass case, glasses cloth, and a guarantee card.** /feature of product RGB425TM full color brightening | Simultaneously enhance the color contrast of the three primary colors RGB without distortion UV425|blocks all UV and high energy blue light Class 3D image|Increase color gradation and contrast of light and dark, present stereoscopic 3D-like vision 99.5% polarized light | polarizedness up to 99.5%, effectively blocking horizontal reflection glare HD image|Camera lens grade optical glass, image sharp world first High durability|Permanent water-repellent film treatment, dirt is not easy to adhere to good maintenance Weather resistant and scratch resistant | coated on the inner layer of rigidized ultra-thin glass, scratch-resistant, non-flaking / After sales service CRYSTAL offers a 30-day appreciation period In the case of no shortage or damage to the goods, packaging and contents, the goods can be returned within 30 days, and the return shipping costs must be paid by the company. / warranty terms From the date of shipment, the lens is guaranteed for 3 years and the frame is guaranteed for 1 year. If there is any defects during the warranty period, the new product will be replaced free of charge. /Brand Concept The meaning of travel is to meet a more beautiful scenery. CRYSTAL brightening sunglasses, with you to enjoy the panoramic view, through the exclusive RGB425TM full color brightening technology to improve color saturation and light and dark contrast, showing 3D stereoscopic vision, so that the scenery is as beautiful as high-definition movies. The incomparably clear vision of the ingenious optical glass lenses makes each journey even more exciting. CRYSTAL adds color to travel, making memory deeper COOL YOUR VISION, COLOR YOUR WORLD. /Precautions All series of lenses are optical grade glass polarized lenses, which may cause iridescence when viewing window film or mobile phone film. The glass lenses are reinforced and passed the US FDA impact test. Please wear them with confidence. However, it is still not recommended for intense sports and collisions. The products have been insured for 10 million product liability insurance.


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