(limited to 20 groups) Double experience discount course [one lucky key ring] Taipei hand made leather goods

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The original price is 1,200 yuan, and the registration of two people is only 2,000 yuan!! Every day will bring out the hustle and bustle, In addition to mobile phones and wallets, It's the key! So we designed a concept to apply the handle on the key r
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(limited to 20 groups) Double experience discount course [one lucky key ring] Taipei hand made leather goods


This is a special offer for two people (limited to 20 groups) The original price of 1200 yuan for a single person, as long as the registration of two people as long as 2,000 yuan! Every day will bring out the hustle and bustle, In addition to mobile phones and wallets, It's the key! So we designed a concept to apply the handle on the key ring. Master all the keys in one hand~ And the texture is super good European leather, The touch will be more and more shiny! It’s really like it, I will never be able to play in my hands. There are also a variety of leathers on site. Let everyone make a unique color match!~~ You can also freely put your own English letters or numbers喔 Size Description: 2 x 7 x 2.5 cm https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7818/40358619403_a02d87fd54_k.jpg "I like to do the best things I like." If you can make Zhouyuan people happy because of my creation, It will be good! How long have you been sitting at the table? Write a diary or a letter quietly? For things you like What can you take seriously? There are no omnipotent people in the world, But we choose to do what we like best. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7846/33447757738_7a01ba5f4b_b.jpg If you like handwork too, Or like leather goods like us, Welcome to the spring pig. Whether it is a friend who has never been in contact with it, Use the half-day experience to create an entry-level leather object. Or spend a little time all day challenging to make a package. Even a creative class that wants to inspire imagination with us. I can calm down in the busy Taipei city. Music in the warm wooden space, Enjoy a time devoted to yourself. ----------------------------------- | Course Location| Spring Pig Studio 1/F, 12-2, Lane 12, Qingtian Street, Daan District, Taipei City (about 10 minutes walk from Exit 5 of MRT Guting Station or Exit 5 of Dongmen Station) https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7914/32381848087_231b9d93f1_b.jpg | Appointment time | [Thursday to Sunday] (two-week public holiday) Morning shift: starting at 10 in the morning Afternoon class: start at 2pm Due to the limited seating in the studio, and the preparation of the course in advance, Please wait at the latest [7 days before asking for the time to place an order] 喔! ***Please pay attention to**before buying * If you do not ask first, you will not be accepted for the next day. If the order is placed directly, but the studio is full on the day, The studio has the right to delay the class date for you. Spring pig business hours are 10:00-18:30 Monday and biweekly public holidays Welcome to the business time station letter or call us | Teaching Content| (1) Understanding the characteristics of vegetable tanned cow leather and handmade leather tools (2) Color selection and typing of leather. (3) Select the color of the thread, the cross stitch of the leather, the binding of the eyelet, and the edge grinding. (4) Complete the work, leather maintenance knowledge. | Teaching Information| (1) Production time: 2 hours (2) Age: 10 years old or older (3) Number of people: 2 people can attend classes, and the maximum number is 6 at the same time. | Course matters| (1) Please ask at the latest before 7 days, it is easier to make an appointment to the desired time! Classes can be reserved from Thursday to Sunday (two-week public holiday), and business hours are from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm. (The actual date of the class can be asked by private message or refer to the FB announcement time) (2) There is limited space in the studio. Except for the students who are enrolled, please do not bring them (ex. children, friends, pets). (3) All fees for lecturers, materials, venues, tool consumables, etc. are included, and no tools are required. (4) After the order is placed, the course will be prepared for you three days before the course. If you want to change the skin color, please contact the team three days ago, and you can't change the skin color on the spot. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7907/33448406118_39e7eff1b1_b.jpg | Material Description| Italian cowhide (some leather/hardware is limited, if there is a shortage, we will replace it with the nearest material) The color and texture of each leather is a natural trace of the animal, and these traces become unique to the leather. Fascinating. [Photo color is slightly color-shifted, subject to the actual color] | Basic Maintenance | - The best way to maintain it is to use him often. The oil on our hands is a natural maintenance oil! - Leather will be dry if not used for a long time, and basic maintenance (1~3 months): First use a soft hair (horse hair) brush to lightly brush the leather surface, then use a clean soft cloth to protect the thin layer of the oil, the leather after maintenance will be more shiny than before the maintenance! | Leather Care | [Scratch] Use leather maintenance oil to rub against the direction of scratches to reduce scratch marks [Decolorization] Try to avoid wearing light-colored clothing when sweating/raining in the summer to prevent dark leather from contaminating clothing. [Moldy] Avoid the mildew of the leather. You can put the newspaper in the leather. Usually put it in a place with low moisture and good ventilation. [Prevent water marks] 1. Damp the entire leather (not wet when wet, to avoid deformation and discoloration). 2. Dry the leather naturally (not dry at high temperature to prevent the leather from cracking). 3. The oil will be lost from the wet to the dry process, and finally the oil needs to be kept last time. [Leather surface is dirty] Can be wiped gently with an eraser (original skin is not recommended) [Cortical hardening] Wipe with leather oil to restore the original softness [Mold spot] Gently brush the surface mold with a brush, then wipe it once with a clean damp cloth, and place it in a ventilated place to remove the musty smell.