[Cambridge] Rees stroll handmade wool waterproof loafers - calm gray plaid

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LiLi Jan

[Cambridge] Rees stroll handmade wool waterproof loafers - calm gray plaid


♥ / size / 22.5-24.5 **A limited number of handmade shoes, please ask before buying whether the size.** https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5477/31361436931_5f743c4be0_b.jpg ♥ / Material / Fabric: Harris tweed wool Rees Sole: wear non-slip EVA rubber outsole ♥ / version / suggestions take less than half the number ♥ / Context and detail description / https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/313/31265572850_bce34b5bcf_o.jpg ♥ / operate and maintain / LiLi Jan shoes, stick with leather material production! Non-ordinary plastic leather printing can be compared, Leather is breathing, so you want to take good care of it properly ^^ increase its life! General recommendations soft cloth or shoe brush, after the removal of dirt on the shoes, which together with the same color or transparent shoe polish wipe, Do not use corrosive cleaning agents, it will easy to damage the leather! Cause discoloration or scaling. Also, do not recommend long-term wear the same pair of shoes, no matter how u love it, we must give it an appropriate time to rest. Because the advanced shoes all made from natural leather, skin and have similar characteristics, so through 2-3 days after replacement down, let loose up the leather fiber retraction reduction, stretch crease, volatile moisture inside the shoe. If you accidentally shoes soaked by water, shoes should be placed in a cool ventilated place to dry, must not be under the sun exposure, But can not bake or drained by strong hair dryer will make leather shoes warped deformation and burst occurs. 1. Often shoeshine oil, rub once is recommended at least one week (recommended to use transparent shoe polish wipe, However, some special fabrics, such as leather Gyrosigma like, it is not recommended to clean themselves, there will be discoloration! ); 2. Keep leather soft, bright, be sure to ventilated place to dry, store in a dry place, Can not rain soaked, water brush, sun-dried; 3. wear a period of time you want to place twelve days wear, shoes to avoid deformation; 4. Do not use abrasive cleaners shoes and contacts; ♥ / designers and brand profile / - 2010 handmade shoes brand LiLi Jan was born. - Full range of products, are mainly ballet shoes, and in order to complete the hand. -LiLi Jan was very fond of ballet shoes! Ballet is considered the first step of the basic models, but also the universal wild section. Consider Taiwan female foot, hoping to put LiLi Jan, let feet look slender, Showing soft beautiful sexy lines! LiLi Jan very much about comfort shoes, so insist on the choice of "genuine leather" Making shoes inside and out! LiLi Jan brand from founder Jan li, was born in January (Jan), Born in the cold season, the more people want to design to bring warm merchandise! Totem brand is' flower skirt - Skirt Flower " Girl wearing Ballet spinning around, blooming skirt flying, aerial down like a flower, So comfortable and confident ... Product design concept LiLi Jan, the real ride style is basic, With enthusiasm and creative ingenuity embellishment, so that ordinary becomes surprise! Origin / manufacturing methods Japan / pure hand-made


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