CYC Handmade Custom Shoes - 3CM OXFORD Oxford Gentleman Shoe Coffee Shredded Frozen Cattle MTO Order Single Line + Full Lock Chain

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CYC Handmade Custom Shoes - 3CM OXFORD Oxford Gentleman Shoe Coffee Shredded Frozen Cattle MTO Order Single Line + Full Lock Chain


3CM single wire + full lock chain CYC first classic gentleman shoes to well-known photographer 3CM named - SIZE: 24 / 24.5 / 25 / 25.5 / 26 / 26.5 / 27 / 27.5 / 28 --- COLOR: black / dark coffee / brown (all European cattle) --- shoelaces: black / coffee --- soles planted tanned leather skin with: primary color / dark coffee / black MTO custom time is 45 ~ 60 working days Please contact the designer for details of the rest of the order Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade From 2012 to accept the full customization of senior handmade shoes CYC handmade shoes, After nearly 5 years of custom experience, we finally in September 2017 was born CYC own style MTO custom shoes. There may be a lot of friends do not know, the whole custom handmade shoes refers to the amount of foot production personalized shoe last and unlimited style custom shoes, Because it is to the shoe last factory orders will only make a pair of hand-grinding order last, rather than the general production of hundreds of pairs of shoe factory orders, all the development costs will be filled in the same pair of shoes last, the cost is very expensive , Coupled with the free choice of style / leather / suture / process, this custom method in addition to the studio to be equipped with a lot of high leather and leather, the need for mature shoe division, but also because the production The choice of different styles of materials led to a considerable change in the way and can not be like the general custom shoes in the market to outsource to the factory production. In the shoes style lines and process confirmed by the internal shoe division to play version, and in the formal production before the first try to use the single-foot shoes, For guests to confirm whether the lines need to be modified or wearing comfortable, all ready to be completed after the formal production The And our full customization of high-level handmade shoes will continue to accept custom, foot size custom price is $ 46000, according to the selected process / leather / style and development costs will be slightly different prices, custom time without Row of the production of the case of about 3 to 6 months, there is a need for friends can contact the designer or direct fan group asked the details.


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