Italian vegetable tanned leather belt single layer leather 38mm belt custom dark coffee leather Christmas gift

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●Selected the Italian hand-made leather belt for the production of handmade leather belts for the design and manufacture of Taiwan ●With a single layer of suede leather belt, the combination of metallic luster and thick cowhide is more textured and resista


Italian vegetable tanned leather belt single layer leather 38mm belt custom dark coffee leather Christmas gift

商品説明 [ feature of product] ● Strictly select the Italian handmade leather belt for the production of handmade leather belts. It is designed and manufactured for Taiwan. It is made of a single layer of suede leather belt, and the combination of metallic luster and thick cowhide is more textured, resistant to pulling, and gradually conforms to the body shape with use. The more comfortable you use, the more leathery your fragrance is. ● Vegetable tanned leather, also known as suede, is a kind of leather made from vegetable tannins. It does not contain substances harmful to the human body and belongs to green leather. ●The surface of the vegetable tanned leather absorbs the oil on the hand and gradually becomes shiny. The color change process of the leather is very intriguing, adding a personal style, ensuring extremely durable, and more and more flavor! ●With deep coffee color Italian vegetable tanned belt, it can be matched with three kinds of belt heads. Please choose your favorite style from A~C, and then note after subscript. ●It includes a carton carton package, and it is very decent for gifts. [ Product Size] ●The belt width is 38 mm and the thickness is about 4 mm (note the manual and measurement errors). ●The manual belt has six oval holes with a hole pitch of about 2.5 cm, which can be adjusted according to its own waist. ●Italian vegetable tanned leather belt specifications are as follows: S number: Applicable waist size 25~29吋; M number: Applicable waist size 30~34吋; L: Applicable waist size 35~39吋; ★ Due to different manual measurement methods, there may be some slight differences. It is recommended that the actual size of the pants be more accurate. [How to choose the right size] Method 1: Take the tape measure and measure the waist circumference of the belt. Method 2: The total length of the commonly used belt Method 3: Take the trousers often, use the belt position of the trousers, do not wear a few trousers (the size of each trouser is not uniform) ★ Note: The designer will leave some length, which allows the consumer to directly confirm the length, and can cut the waist circumference according to their own. Just turn the fixing screw by hand, cut off the excess length, and use scissors or sharp. Dig the hole and lock the screw. [Customized Imprint] Be Two design provides free embossed letters for all leather goods, mainly in 3mm uppercase English type embossing, all by the designer to emboss the typeface, at the end of the__front belt__, such as photos, handed to each Be Two goods Fans (in order to maintain the overall aesthetics of the product, the number of English letters is limited to 10 words). ★ Reminder: Because of the manual stamping, it is necessary to accurately imprint each letter every time. You need to ask the consumer to include it. The designer will emboss each letter with care. If there is a slight skew, then the consumer will be more forgiven. But if you are a perfect idea, please think twice about whether you want to buy it. [Usage and maintenance methods] ●Using method, the cutting length is good, the hand turn buckle is opened, and the utility knife is used for cutting. The belt is cut under the belt, and the hole is punched in the opposite position, and then the hand turn buckle is turned back, which is a belt of suitable length. ● often take it out is the best way to maintain! Hand oil can be maintained, or apply leather maintenance oil regularly ● Leather products should be protected from moisture and water during use. If you accidentally get water, use a dry cotton cloth to dry, and then place it in a cool place. Do not expose to the sun. ●If the leather is moldy, wipe it with a dry cotton cloth, place it in a ventilated place, and then wipe it with leather maintenance oil. [Additional purchase discount] 45 yuan to buy goods (original price 99 yuan) - headphone cable storage leather hub reel (spot priority shipment) 85 yuan to buy goods (original price 199 yuan) - leather modeling hub 3C reel headset storage (spot priority shipment) 95 yuan to buy goods (original price 159 yuan) - Italy's vegetable tanned leather key ring can be customized pressure word (spot priority shipment) 115 yuan plus purchase goods (original price 199 yuan) - Italy vegetable tanned leather key ring leather letter jewelry (optional) 210 yuan to buy goods (original price 350 yuan) - Japan COLUMBUS MINK OIL leather care oyster sauce (45g) 225 yuan plus purchase goods (original price 499 yuan) - leather luggage tag tag travel card travel identification card [ Designer and brand profile] "Be Two Leather Workshop" is located in Taichung-Audit New Village. It is carefully selected as a natural leather hand. It is hand-wrapped with original design to create a hand-crafted temperature-inspired product. It is hand-stitched and stitched, and hopes to convey a kind of original product. The feeling of warmth, happiness and belonging makes the user feel moved. [ Precautions] ●The waist size is available, the designer will make the waist size according to the size you provide, but if it is made by size, it will be customized. If the belt length is too short, it will not be returned. Please____the size of the waist . ●__Genuine leather refers to natural leather, which is made from animal skin. Natural leather has a very strong fur smell. Even after treatment, the taste is more obvious. It is different from the plastic of the imitation leather. Natural leather will have a natural leathery scent. If you can't accept this taste, please don't mind if you order it.__ ●The leather itself is a normal natural phenomenon due to injury or fighting during the growth of the animal. The scars/growth/plaque/pleat/stain/texture are normal natural phenomena. Each piece is also a unique natural mark. . ●The photo of the product has no post-production, but it may be different from the screen, and it is normal for each batch of leather to have a slight color difference. If there is a drop in color, the actual product shall prevail. If you do not mind, please order again. ●Customized goods cannot be returned, including the size of the consumer's waistline, embossed letters, etc. ●Because of pure hand sewing, there will be residual glue at the end. If you don't mind, please order again. [ Origin / manufacturing methods] Taiwan made hand-stitched Be Two exclusive design designer produced


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