Goody Bag - [Black Gold Gift Box - Day & Night Maintenance Group] Isolation & Deli Daily Physical Sunscreen

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The small gift box is ready to be sent directly, and it can be mixed into a moisturizing type of isolation milk day and night. The natural color does not allow the pigment to precipitate the skin, and it is a good helper for UV protection and repairing the



Goody Bag - [Black Gold Gift Box - Day & Night Maintenance Group] Isolation & Deli Daily Physical Sunscreen

商品説明 I want to give you the best day and night illumination, Simple and pure, Maintenance can also be very easy~ Simple maintenance does not keep busy everyday. After washing your face in the morning, just wipe the "pre-water hyaluronic acid makeup cream". Whether you have makeup or not, don't forget the sunscreen! Let our beautiful face not have a long sunburn, not to be touched by dust~ Just wash your face at night and wipe it on [Midnight Miracle Repairing Serum] Use pure plant extracts to satisfy our unbalanced skin, Helps restore skin's elasticity and oil moisturizing mechanism, The most important thing is to prevent the loss of moisturizing water~ In the cold and cold season, if you are not careful, you will be short of water and drought. After a drought, the oil and water began to be unbalanced? Look at your skin in the mirror, Confirm what happened now, Solve and provide the best way to maintain your skin based on the problem. Simple, but not so simple! {Black gold gift box} basic articles 1. Hyaluronic acid before makeup 30ml *1 2. Midnight Miracle Repairing Lotion 30ml *1 {Black gold gift box} upgrade articles 1. Hyaluronic acid before makeup 30ml *1 2. Super Miracle Repairing Serum 30ml *1 product description: 【Hyaluronic Acid Pre-Isolation Cream Foundation Primer】30ml Moisturizing isolation before makeup - ▲ dry sensitive weak muscle recommended, transparent milky ▲Physical daily formula and hyaluronic acid high moisturizing factor, use before makeup to increase the moisturizing degree and make the makeup more compliant. ▲ Moisturizing ingredients: nano short-chain hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, lock water magnet, vitamin B5 Instructions: After cleansing the face in the morning, after applying the skin care products, apply a proper amount of hyaluronic acid before the makeup cream, gently push it evenly before using the makeup. Product Description: It has the effect of preventing sunburn and sunburn caused by direct sunlight, slowing down skin aging, moisturizing and inhibiting excessive secretion of oil, whitening and moisturizing, effectively separating cosmetics and making makeup last longer. Precautions: It is recommended to shake the bottle slightly before use to make the active ingredients even better inside. Please wait for 3-5 minutes after wiping the skin care products, and then use the barrier milk after the skin care products are absorbed by the skin. This product is mostly plant extract, please store it in a cool place. If the skin is uncomfortable during use, please suspend it. ■ Ingredient efficacy: · Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid: Strengthens skin's ability to retain water, maintains skin's health and shine, and repairs damaged keratin. · Saccharide Isomerate: Moisturizes to help moisture bind to keratin in the stratum corneum for moisturizing. · Jojoba oil: It moisturizes and moisturizes the skin. · Meadowfoam Seed Oil: long-lasting soft, moisturizing and moisturizing effect. · Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturizing. · Vitamin E Acetate Tocopheryl Acetate: Anti-oxidant, moisturizing, protects the skin from UV rays, leaving skin soft and hydrated. · Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride: a skin conditioning agent. [Midnight Repair Concentrate] 30ml ★ No added flavors and essential oils, the fragrance is the taste of the plant itself Product Description: Ceramide: a natural natural waterproofing film lipid that repairs and locks water. Recommended skin condition: long staying up late, lack of sleep, dark sallow skin Recommended for: neutral skin, neutral dry, dry skin Recommended muscle age: licking ~ light mature muscle Day and night repair and makeup once, the first "invisible generator maintenance" A drop of activation to get rid of dullness, staying up late can also hold the makeup perfectly, and get the makeup without giving a mutiny Focus on the skin. light. through. Light! Asia's first bottle of "Day and Night Repairing Makeup", designed for Asian women, the first "Invisible Generator Maintenance", whether it is day and night lack of water, dry long-distance flight, cold weather or overseas travel climate is not suitable, very Worried about skin rebelling at important moments? Let the plant exquisite muscle repairing dew show the hidden generator maintenance! With high skin-friendly, fine and light, and excellent penetrating plant extract oil, it can repair damaged skin directly to the bottom of the skin, and instantly develop an invisible breathable protective barrier on the surface of the skin with a dry oil-like vegetable oil to help lock it. The essence of the front part is maintained, and at the same time, the essence of the essence is released, so that the essence continues to penetrate, deep into the bottom layer of the skin for intensive action, improve skin firmness, strengthen skin elasticity, provide long-term warm repair without greasy feeling. With light, transparent and light as the main appeal, a layer of invisible mask is formed on the surface of the skin, so that the skin can continue to generate electricity, and combined with the base makeup, it can show the perfect makeup. Let us continue to generate electricity, perfect makeup! Featured introduction: 1, no preservatives, fragrance-free, mineral-free grease 2, staying up late to repair the savior, the more sleep more beautiful, the delicate skin repair at night, so that the skin is more energetic than the previous day, looks younger. 3, a drop of activation, perfect makeup, start stealth generator maintenance, for makeup before makeup can be more compliant. 4, for "love day and night, stress, life is not normal, dark and lack of oil skin" Quickly absorbs, smoothes fine lines, keeps the sallows of the day and night, and disappears without disappearing Refreshing and good absorption, no acne long granulation, large pores SAY GOOD BYE Long-term use, make skin more delicate and smooth Naturally non-allergenic, double repair at night, good skin absorption ※ Asia's first bottle of "Day and Night Repairing Makeup" As long as 1 drop, activate the dull and loose skin, the makeup process directly witnesses the strength of the makeup repair Early maturity and light maturity: over 25 years old, muscle into light maturity anti-aging period, 6 effects in one, once fixed →Save skin relaxation → For new fine lines → Supplement dry water and dry → Restore elasticity Q tender → Rescue skin tissue → Fight dull and dull [Practical sharing] Midnight Miracle Repairing Lotion is a botanical extract designed for general skin and slightly dry skin. Because the skin type is not very dry, the oily and water-balanced design concept does not require too much oil inside the skin. Proportion, if you put too much oil, it will lead to oily skin, may grow granulation or acne; we must let the original oil of the skin not be taken away by dry air or warm air, so it is necessary to form an invisible protection on the surface of the skin. Membrane, this invisible protective film we call the skin's invisible generator, because it can block the loss of oil and water and continue to slowly give the skin moisturizing nutrients. The design of the Midnight Miracle Repairing Dew is designed to be used by friends who are always staying up late, normal and slightly dry, and those who want to make them more comfortable. Because the oil layer exists on the surface of the skin, it can make the foundation not floating makeup / floating powder, and it can be tightly combined to make the skin look smoother and more tender. ★Products are recommended for night use, please reduce the amount during the day (about half a second) Because of the low-sensitivity and no-addition design, we didn't add the flavor/fragrance, which made the midnight miracle show the taste of the self-cultivating material, just like the cooking oil, there would be no special smell, because she was pure. It is the taste of the plant itself, and the plant extract is coated with plant extract oil. We hope that we can slowly move towards the route without adding, so the miracle series has developed two products, the miracle of midnight is no added fragrance, but the special miracle we There is added essential oil, which is why sometimes everyone brings the two bottles together and feels that the midnight miracle is not fragrant, in fact, that is her most natural aroma! In addition, pure vegetable oil and extracted products, we usually put her on a dry dressing table to protect from light and moisture. Please avoid placing it in a place with moisture, such as bath, because moisture will affect the preservation of plant essential oil. ! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ※Introduction of key raw materials 【Ceramide】 Ceramide is a lipid that naturally exists in the intercellular space of the stratum corneum of the skin. It is a lipid body formed by the connection of nerves with sphingosine and fatty acid. It is a sphingolipid (Sphingolipid). One type is the most important and highest proportion of the skin's stratum corneum lipids, with a total content of about 40-50% of the intercellular lipids. It is distributed in the intercellular space and closely maintains the lipid integrity of the stratum corneum to form a natural waterproof membrane, which prevents the evaporation of water, allows the keratinocytes to lock in moisture, and on the other hand is more resistant to foreign germs and injuries. *No preservatives, natural plant extract series Origin / manufacturing methods Place of origin Taiwan Super Miracle Concentrate 30ml Pinkoi Product Link: Product Description Highly skin-friendly squalene (Squalene): nourishes the skin, repairs, and makes the skin not dry, thus achieving wrinkle removal. Recommended skin condition: skin waxy yellow dull, rough and rough Recommended subjects: neutral dry, dry skin, very dry skin Recommended muscle age: light mature age ~ mature skin Intensively researching mature skin anti-aging repairing lotion, super-evolutionary direct to the bottom of the muscle 97% of the sense of instant suction. Natural skin-friendly extract to repair aging skin at a double speed. Activate gold to repair, bright, soft, smooth, and feel recommended! The high-concentration adds a new generation of light oily texture, which is the same as the human skin's epidermis oil and fat. It provides abundant nutrients and can absorb 97% instantly, forming a natural epidermal protective film that can quickly penetrate the skin and reach the muscle base. The high concentration of squalene is extracted from three kinds of oil extracts to simulate the lipid composition of the skin. It has excellent skin-friendly properties and can be deeply repaired immediately to form a natural skin barrier. Allows skin to quickly form a perfect water-retaining base Just need this bottle! 97% have a feeling of rich skin! Solve the four major troubles of repair, bright, moist and smooth! Gentle formula, a savior for sensitive dry skin. Squalene added to bionic human skin lipids The texture is refreshing, non-greasy and the molecules are small to help absorb, as long as a few drops, not only can form a natural invisible protective layer to enhance skin protection and antioxidant power. Efficient gold nourishes and repairs skin, restores skin to high density and moisturizes Smoothing the traces of the years, the skin tightens and the strength is upup, so that the muscle age returns to 20 years old, and the confidence is radiant Extracting three kinds of high concentration concentrates With high skin-friendly, fine and light, and excellent penetrating plant extract oil, it can repair damaged skin directly to the bottom of the skin, and instantly develop an invisible breathable protective barrier on the surface of the skin with a dry oil-like vegetable oil to help lock it. The essence of the front part is maintained, and at the same time, the essence of the essence is released, so that the essence continues to penetrate, deep into the bottom layer of the skin for intensive action, improve skin firmness, strengthen skin elasticity, provide long-term warm repair without greasy feeling. Featured introduction: ● Smooth wrinkle, direct absorption into the deep bottom of the muscle ● One drop of anti-aging: energy repair, revitalizing the muscle base ● Skin strengthening: coordination, muscle barrier ●Q elastic is tender: special effects repair, restore elastic ※Introduction of key raw materials [squalene] It is a naturally occurring substance of the human body and maintains the skin's smoothness. It can be stored in tissues and organs and sebum layer to supply active oxygen molecules, improve cell activation, and tightly lock the surface and deep water of the skin. Maintains skin's moisturizing ability at any time, has anti-free radical ion effect, can promote nutrient conversion and form energy, constitutes skin natural defense system to reduce aging and ultraviolet irritation, inhibits elastin, nourishes skin, repairs, makes skin not dry, and then Achieve wrinkle removal. Texture: refreshing and not sticky Absorption: absorbs faster and immediately penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin Moisturizing degree: moderately moisturizes dry skin, long-lasting moisturizing, balances skin oil Efficacy: It is perfectly coordinated by the bottom layer of the skin to repair and repair damaged skin more efficiently. Fully launch anti-aging mechanism to resist external environmental stimuli and improve smoothing of skin wrinkles Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan, no preservatives, natural plant extract series Instructions: How to use after cleaning: After washing the face, take the lotion first, take the right amount of the palm (1∼2), then apply it from the cheeks and lips that are easy to dry to the whole face. Remember to rub the lotion/milk at the end. The cream locks in moisture. It can also be used as a massage oil to increase the amount of use. How to use before applying makeup: Take 1-2 drops on the palm of your hand and gently apply it to the entire face and neck. Use it before applying makeup to create a perfect muscle base for the subsequent makeup, so that the base makeup has an unprecedented natural and full translucent luster. Precautions: This product does not contain Paraben preservatives, does not contain SLS surfactants, does not contain artificial colors, artificial flavors. Please keep it in a cool place and avoid high temperature or direct sunlight to avoid deterioration of the product. If you accidentally wash your eyes, wash them with plenty of water.


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