Happy Valentine's Day│A Biography of a Tycoon│Golden Years│Ocean Heart│Eternal Flower Glass Bell Jar│Customizable

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[Size] 13 x 13 x 20cm (length, width and height) [Flowers] Everlasting roses, dried flowers [Customized service] The flower gift accepts customized service, please contact the designer to design your own boutique flower art for you; the preparation time of the customized flower gift is about 7-10 days.


Happy Valentine's Day│A Biography of a Tycoon│Golden Years│Ocean Heart│Eternal Flower Glass Bell Jar│Customizable


Floral Design|Heart of the Sea│Glass Flower House│Azzurro The selected Nordic INS style flower dishes, the gold-plated base and the glass bell cover are elegant and clear as a whole, which can protect the eternal rose and achieve the dustproof effect; Valentine's Day is coming, this floating gold flower gift will definitely move her heart. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50794497887_198e4ff074_b.jpg Love is not always a happy ending, sometimes the best only exists in the moment. I turned the moment into eternity, and covered it in this glass cup to protect my love. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50793629073_83aa1626a5_b.jpg 【About Everlasting Flower】 The so-called immortal flowers, non-withered flowers or stellar flowers on the market are actually the same kind of flowers. Real roses are used to replace the water and nutrients in the plants with a special preservation solution, so that the plant tissues can be preserved for a long time without watering. It is almost the same as flowers and flowers in visual and tactile sense, and it can last for 1-2 years under proper environment. 【Maintenance Instructions】 ※Eternal flowers are easy to get dust if they are placed for a long time. You can blow the dust to remove the dust. When removing the dust, you should pay attention to the minimum and cold air of the hair dryer, 20cm away from the flowers, and gently blow off the dust. Or you can use a soft dry brush (such as watercolor pen, makeup brush) to gently brush along the flower texture to remove dust. ※There is no need to water, and it is advisable to place it in a cool indoor place, avoid direct sunlight; avoid placing it in an excessively humid or excessively dry environment; ※Do not place it outdoors, place it carefully on high places; do not put the gift of eternal life flowers upside down. ※Avoid placing it in strong vents such as air conditioning fans. ※Please do not touch, pull or squeeze the petals or flowers of immortal flowers frequently. 【Precautions】 ※The color of the product will be different from the computer screen, please consider the acceptance of the color difference before placing an order. ※It is normal that a few petals will crack during the process of manufacturing and transportation of the flower ceremony. ※All flower gifts are handmade, and the flower materials will be adjusted according to the season. The finished product will not be 100% the same as the picture. Please pay attention before buying. ※In order to protect the complete delivery of flower gifts to consumers, they are all wrapped in cartons with cushioning materials, so there is no special exquisite gift box packaging. ※If you have any questions about the goods received, please be sure to contact us, do not reflect on the evaluation, Feiran Floral will be processed as soon as possible. ※If the product lacks integrity after being opened, used, or disassembled, it cannot be returned.