Cherry brandy with wine stains Terrier Black [chocolate]

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heyfunchocolate ショップへ

Cherry brandy with wine stains Terrier Black [chocolate]


Jiuzi cherries with stems
Homemade wine shell covered with wild cherry stems, soak stains pure brandy, the ultimate challenge manual and taste buds.

Product Specifications
6 into a box / pcs
Use Pingtung cocoa beans, handmade.
Recommend tasting temperature 12 to 20 degrees, we have not finished eating, please refrigerated.
Make a liquid chocolate tasting.
Fresh ingredients cooked to order.

Shelf life: two weeks (after the transfer is completed production)

Origin black clever:

Black was originally created for the health of the elderly at home with chocolate forged edge, put into cultivation and chocolate cocoa beans into chocolate original research. Because could not find reassuring and satisfactory chocolate, to find that our hearts pure and healthy chocolate, we decided to start from the trees, but also because of this that we turn the whole of the original Pingtung Neipu of livelihood areca garden, and switching to cacao, the source of all the cocoa trees began, beginning with "healthy and tasteful produce valuable chocolate, but also because such a mind is" black "into the life.

Black chocolate in every aspect of the manufacturing process checks at each level, combined with the concept of health and taste, just to get the taste of cocoa delicious, tasting also includes passing people and certainly recommended, Black will continue to share it, too continuing to uphold the original intention of the best chocolates presented to you.

Origin of Health:

Black chocolate "intact natural cocoa butter, without the burden of the original made delicious" starting from such a philosophy, differences persist Black Controls batch of cocoa beans, in stage fermentation and baking of individual adjustments for temperature, but also reduction process to reduce nutrient loss does not add excess sugar, adhere to give you the best quality chocolate.

Commercially available chocolate often add too much sugar, saturated fat and too much processing will offset its health benefits, but also because such a high content of pure chocolate gradually by connoisseurs, like food and health-oriented persons. Black chocolate on cocoa beans original checks, solid material, without adding excessive seasoning, so you can enjoy the peace of mind to eat tasty and healthy.

Black Vision:

From a health and share delicious, Black looking through the original flavor of chocolate, so you can feel healthy and delicious tasting, delicious and closer relations between people by sharing, which is the establishment of the Black chocolate core philosophy.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade handmade chocolates

This product has been insured product liability insurance: 130105AKP2000058
Please feel at ease to eat


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