3D Picture Box-Jiufen Old Street

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◎ Size: (Music Box) 167 (L) x 215 (W) x79 (H) mm ◎ Material: environmentally friendly wooden board ◎ Features: wooden surface with anti-scratch and anti-stain treatment ◎ Accessories: Sankyo Japanese music movement, acrylic board, connecting disc, screws,



3D Picture Box-Jiufen Old Street


● Jiufen Old Street ● Rich in Taiwanese culture, a beautiful mountain town! Every year, it always attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to come to the pilgrimage. The thick quaint atmosphere, the old buildings with red brick walls, and the charming and elegant scenery make people stop and appreciate. https://www.woodx.com.tw/wp-content/uploads/asset_122742_image_big.jpg │ Precious memories come from company The simple and easy-to-use assembly process can be easily completed by both adults and children. Let this beautiful memory be imprinted in each other's hearts. https://www.woodx.com.tw/wp-content/uploads/%E5%A4%A7%E9%9B%86%E5%90%88.jpg │ 6 characteristics make wood full of vitality In order to subvert the old impression and promote the unique beauty of wooden products, the equation of wood continues the traditional skills and combines modern technology. It uses 6 major features to transform thick wood into a living wood creation product. More people see the beauty of wood products, hoping to convey the touch of life to everyone with the warm texture of wood. https://www.woodx.com.tw/wp-content/uploads/asset_116471_image_big-1.jpg | Four major engineering methods strive to realistically show the moving picture Wooden heart board Special bending carving method Precision laser cutting UV digital direct spray painting technology https://www.woodx.com.tw/wp-content/uploads/asset_116535_image_big-1.jpg Adhering to the spirit of respect for nature, we cut down old trees with poor CO2 absorption efficiency and planted a large number of seedlings under appropriate plans to achieve true sustainable management. https://www.woodx.com.tw/wp-content/uploads/asset_116514_image_big-1.jpg By using the delicate and staggered cutting method, the originally thick wood can also be bent and bent, so that the wood creation products are no longer monotonous and more versatile. https://www.woodx.com.tw/wp-content/uploads/asset_116558_image_big.gif Unlike traditional hand engraving, laser engraving technology can accurately and carefully cut wood, cutting the wood to the perfect angle. https://www.woodx.com.tw/wp-content/uploads/asset_116474_image_big.gif UV digital direct-injection painting technology has high color saturation, which makes the wood more visible, and because it has the effects of waterproof and difficult to fade, it can extend the life of wooden products. ♫ Music box custom lettering service ♫ Music box has lettering service [10 Chinese or English words for free], If necessary, please select "Yes" on the menu, And after entering "checkout", indicate in the "Order Notes" that lettering is required! * In addition, if you need lettering, please join the official @Line ID: @ hhp9227h After joining and telling your order name, We will ask someone to help you with the layout design & confirmation service! 挑选 Choose ringtones ♫ You can freely choose your favorite melody to make your audio-visual box more unique. 1. John Parhebel-Canon 2 Tchaikovsky-Flower Dance 3 Titanic-my heart is eternal 4. Hayao Miyazaki-My Neighbor Totoro Theme Song 5. Hayao Miyazaki-Ponyo on the cliff -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- ♫ Cautions ♫ Please read the following instructions before placing an order: 1. Suitable for use from 7 years old 2. Many small parts to prevent children from swallowing 3. Because the board is hard, please be careful 4. Stick the joints of the wooden boards to avoid scattering 5. There may be color errors between product photos and real products, which will change with different light or screen hue. The difference in vision cannot be estimated yet. Please accept it before placing an order. Thank you! 6. Holidays are not shipped. 7. If you receive an unknown call, please confirm with customer service or anti-fraud 165, please do not provide any personal information on the phone. 8. Customer service staff reply message time is Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00


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