20cm (caliber 1cm) tip can pierce the beverage seal film beard smoothie straw (with a cleaning brush)

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Old customers ask constantly, MSA brand glass straws reopened again! In addition to the length of the specification, you can also make a separate offer, and also add MSA teacher's manual lettering and purchase service to make the environmental life mor


20cm (caliber 1cm) tip can pierce the beverage seal film beard smoothie straw (with a cleaning brush)


**If you find that other websites use non-MSA brands but the same photos are infringements, you should be careful.** **Loud Gong: The straw ordering takes 7 working days without six days, and you need to wait and not ship immediately!** ►►Friends from China, Hong Kong and Macau! Welcome to [Shun Feng goods to the delivery fee] provincial freight ◄◄ https://www.pinkoi.com/store/msa-glass?tag=MSA%E7%8E%BB%E7%92%83%E5%90%B8%E7%AE%A1&i18n_tag=MSA%E7%8E%BB%E7%92%83%E5%90%B8%E7%AE%A1 (▷All series of glass straws) https://www.pinkoi.com/product/iSzAnWbS (▷ glass pipette engraved lettering) Brand: MSA GLASSENGRAVING Material: borosilicate heat resistant glass Size: total length 20cm / outer diameter caliber Ø about 1cm Style: pierce can pierce the beverage seal film Gift: 1 special cleaning brush for glass straws Heat resistance: Direct heating is used to withstand 350 degrees, indirect heating is resistant to 550 degrees. If it is cold resistant, it can be tested in the freezer of the household refrigerator. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to avoid the sudden and severe temperature difference and avoid throwing it into the hot water immediately after freezing. , security is above. Note: The work does not contain any cups or drinks for reference to the situational map. https://shoplineimg.com/5600b9d7039055a866000051/5bf3dd1571da9f00187beb7d/1600x.jpg ✦Reply about the reasons why other sellers sell at low prices and why is MSA's work more expensive? The works sold by MSA are responsible for the brand and the designer to ensure personal inspection. Similar items MSA can not interfere with the pricing of other stores, nor can it prevent other manufacturers from producing. Only the quality and service that MSA can provide to their favorite friends. We, many brands of wine glasses or glass art designers insist on the introduction of genuine products for quality assurance, MSA is very hard to maintain credibility and adhere to good works, if only simply than the low price of sales volume regardless of quality, this is not MSA hope, All the brands used in the works on the website are public, the original price of the cups is also open, there is no way to avoid the glass itself, MSA is in the sale of glass carving process and provide the guarantee of the glass material itself, everyone believes The quality and service we provide is an important support for MSA, but it is really impossible to avoid other stores offering similar products. MSA will not lower the price, which is what we insist on. Low price can't make a brand improve so that customers can really buy good works and enjoy good service. Designers have absolute confidence in all the works sent to customers! ✦Respond to the thickness of the glass straw, why not make it thinner? The glass must be durable and safe. It cannot be made into a thin-walled type. It is dangerous to be used in addition to the danger of crushing. It cannot be formed during the production process. The thickness is about 0.8mm~1.5mm (depending on the diameter). This part is made. The limit on the considerations! ✦Response about the fragile glass straw? There is no glass that won't break. Fragile is the characteristic of glass. Therefore, if the external force factors such as heavy pressure/drop, impact/shock/quick instantaneous temperature difference, etc., the glass will be broken. Please pay attention to the explanation. With the safety of use. https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/5781e76a617069110a970000/source.jpg?1468131178 Can refer to the general large cup hand cup with glass straw length ratio The capacity of each hand cup is different. The scale chart is for reference only. https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57bdd6186170691164392200/source.jpg?1472058904 Do you think environmental protection is expensive?! Reply to the designer's experience in promoting glass straws? You are a member of the Earth, so you support the environmental protection with the purchase action. I believe that the fans’ evaluations are very much like the glass straws. There are also many repurchases. The reason is "Love the Earth". Before the designers saw the news market, there are many plastic straws. The toxic plasticizer is very unhealthy. In the life, the student office workers also have a hand cup or coffee. The designer thinks about what can be done in his profession, so he is committed to promoting the "glass straw" that can be reused. Why is there? Replace disposable chopsticks with environmentally friendly chopsticks? Replace the plastic cup with the accompanying cup? Green shopping bags to replace plastic bags? Replace the plastic straw with a glass pipette? But no one will make a price comparison for the two, because not environmentally friendly is always cheaper, but the price paid is even greater! ! The issue of environmental protection and the concept of MSA cannot be recognized by everyone. Of course, it is impossible to judge how people with different ideas define value. MSA will continue to maintain high quality and service to promote environmental protection, will not waver! After all, both health and love of the earth are money that can't be bought~ ✦How to use the storage bag Because the glass straw is stored, the straw is prevented from slipping out of the bag, and the beam opening will be tight. If it is difficult to take it, it is recommended to use another folding method. This is also the way the designer later designed it. It's easy, so you can choose to use it in two ways. Thank you for supporting MSA to let the designer continue to create. Thank you~ https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57d1523b617069296d831200/source.jpg?1473335867 ✦About packaging Environmentally-friendly glass straws mainly promote environmental protection, so there is no gorgeous outer packaging box and excess plastic garbage. Only use simple consumables that can protect the works during the transportation process. I hope everyone can support environmental protection together, and hope to strengthen the explanation for the packaging part to reduce misunderstanding. Note 1: Customized multiple straws use the same carton pack to reduce resource waste and be environmentally friendly. Note 2: There is a gift request, you can note that 1 carton 1 is loaded, and will be separately packaged separately. Note 3: The zero plastic demand and the outer bag are not required to be packaged in the order note. (It is necessary to agree that the carton may be dirty, damp and wet during transportation) https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/563dfe1169702d1642365700/source.jpg?1446903313 https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/563dfe1169702d11ada65200/source.jpg?1446903313 https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57bdd60c617069345d0d4f00/source.jpg?1472058891 https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57d14da861706951bf7f1100/source.jpg?1473334696 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GMbYesgyXc "MSA glass straws are all photographed by the designer. Please respect the intellectual property rights. "MSA glass straws are all photographed by the designer. Please respect the intellectual property rights. "MSA glass straws are all photographed by the designer. Please respect the intellectual property rights.


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