Period limit - friendly animal [Eagle Red Bean] can wipe the phone case (hand / neck rope must be added)

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Give the phone a beautiful clothes ●Can wipe the screen of the mobile phone and take away fingerprints and makeup ● protects the phone from external forces, scratches or bruises ●Small design is designed to prevent falling, and the mobile phone case is not


Period limit - friendly animal [Eagle Red Bean] can wipe the phone case (hand / neck rope must be added)

商品説明 "Omprint mobile phone case introduction" Generally, there are no wiping forces on the fabrics. In order to make the colors more vivid, the Onor uses the advanced version of the mobile phone cover cloth. Onor uses a higher density microfiber cloth, which is more straight and more powerful. Wipe force. "fit for the object" ※ I am used to the mobile phone to pack the bag but I am afraid of the screen scratching of the mobile phone. ※When you are traveling or commuting, you want to have a hand hanging or neck hanging function. ※I want to go to the convenience store to buy things, and I want to go out very lightly. ※When commuting, there are often more than two leisure cards (including financial cards) for wallets, and I want to manage them separately. ※After using the mobile phone, the screen is often dirty, which hinders hygiene and appearance, and people who want to have the ability to wipe. "Multiple functions, once satisfied" 1. Mobile phone anti-fall Each Om multi-function mobile phone case has 7mm cotton padding. After many tests and user feedback, it is safe to drop the height of the daily hand. 2. Excellent wiping force The whole mobile phone case is made of microfiber suede cloth. Its fiber is only 1/250 of the hair. It can easily wipe off the oil stains, fingerprints and residual makeup on the screen of the mobile phone. The fine cloth will not scratch the phone. When you put it on the table, you can put the phone on the phone case without worrying that the table will scratch the screen and the lens. 3. Do not scratch the phone The mobile phone case has no metal zipper and is replaced by the Onor Design patented anti-drop design (patent certification: new M479640 & M479641). (The cloth can be covered to have a good anti-drop function, but you can't deliberately turn the phone case upside down, so it may fall out!) 4. Hand-stitched, delicate and simple Microfiber suede cloth is elastic fabric, which is not easy to make. We invite the masters of many years of experience to hand-sewn, the whole mobile phone sets are folded inside, and the appearance can be minimal and exquisite! 5. Front pocket for items It can be loaded with a transportation card, a financial card, a credit card, and you can go out with a mobile phone case! 6. Cleaning convenience The mobile phone case will not be dyed, as long as it does not use the soft essence that will block the fiber, and the bleaching water that will cause discoloration, whether it is hand washing or machine washing, if it can be easily burned with the iron, it can be restored to 90% new! 7. Multiple ways of use (hand neck rope plus purchase) A multi-purpose to avoid losing the mobile phone, plus Onor special hand sling / neck rope, travel, commute, work can be used, the material is the same as the mobile phone case, so do not worry about sweating or rubbing damage the skin. 8. Environmentally friendly packaging, suitable for gift giving The packaging uses kraft paper. The English name Kraftpaper is very solid. It can be reused. There is a thank you card (can be written to a friend), and a bookmark ruler is very suitable for gifts. "The Story of a Story" I hope that the color will bring you the meaning and reflect on the problems faced by the environment. At the same time, aesthetics, fashion and taste are intertwined to show a different attitude towards life. [Left] Undersea Paradise [Right] Dark Blue Ocean Fish: "My family is full of colorful colors, but now it seems to have been drawn out of color." Global warming, which leads to excessive sea temperature during the convergence of ocean warm currents, is the biggest cause of coral bleaching. Deep sea fish: "More and more things that have not been seen, slowly sinking from above." In recent years, scientists have discovered beer cans, plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc. in the deepest Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. They have also detected artificial chemicals that are seriously exceeding the standard, so that the concept of deep sea and pure land has been completely broken. . [Left] Fox Forest [Right] Sweating Bear Fox: "This is my innate clothes. If I take it off, I can't live anymore." Reject the fur and resist the inferior fur farm. Bear: "How is the weather getting hotter, spring is it? Is hibernation over?" Global warming is becoming more and more serious, the climate is changing drastically, and the brown bear's hibernation law is gradually unbalanced. The winter that cannot hibernate may face the fate of freezing and starving. [Left] Smiling Turtle [Middle] Polar Bear wants to fly [Right] Leisure whale Turtle: "This jellyfish seems to be a bit strange, oh!? How do you bite constantly?" The picture of pulling out the plastic straw from the turtle's nostrils is still vivid, but more turtles eat the plastic bags in the sea and cause death. Polar bear: "How can the ice floes at the foot get smaller and smaller? How can the ice floe in the distance get farther and farther away? Heaven! Let me fly over." Global warming, the ice floes on which polar bears live are gradually melting, the scope of life is narrowing, food is less, and hunting is not easy. Whale: "I obviously eat a lot of black fish, I feel full, but how can I swim more and less?" Because of environmental pollution, the ocean is full of plastic garbage, floating garbage is easily mistaken for food, so that whales and dolphins think that eating is full and reduce food intake, long-term malnutrition and death. [Left] friendly alpaca [right] eagle red beans Alpaca: "I have another name called Grass Mud Horse, I am very close to people." Alpaca with a lovely personality and closeness to humans, hoping to be a mirror, we hope that we can be more friendly and friendly. Blackbird: "Today caught a sparrow in the red bean field, but how can my body become more and more uncomfortable..." The black scorpion living in Pingtung, Taiwan, is an endangered bird in Taiwan. Farmers plant red beans, spray pesticides to prevent sparrows from destroying crops, and black cockroaches have died of indirect poisoning because they have prey on sparrows poisoned by pesticides, and are even more endangered. The environmentally friendly animal mobile phone case is made with a discontinuous surface design, that is, the upper and lower edges of the mobile phone case will not be aligned, so please pay special attention (to reduce the difficulty of factory aunt production). (⇝我我入手/颈绳配件) "How to choose the size of the phone case" Phone size measurement 【phone case】 (I am entering the phone case) [hand / neck rope accessories] (⇝我我入手/颈绳配件)


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