VISHI original 995 sterling silver Tibetan wild Spatholobus subtilis bracelet bracelet silver self evil evil gift

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From the pick - clean - trim - baked - set, sent to the old silversmith, the 995 pure silver tube made of high purity to



VISHI original 995 sterling silver Tibetan wild Spatholobus subtilis bracelet bracelet silver self evil evil gift

商品説明!!34010003.jpg **Zhang Ailing once described her situation before leaving the mainland:** On the eve of leaving Shanghai... My only gold decoration is a small gold-leafed rattan bracelet worn at the age of five or six. There are brownish rough vines with light-coloured lines and dragonflies. He used a knife to scrape the glossy back of the metal sculpture, but the former gold package was particularly thick, scraping and hanging or gold is not silver. After shaving for a long time, there was a small piece of pan-white. He saw a distressing look on my face and he said: This comrade's face is very honest, she said that the gold package is gold. Zhang Ailing's only portable gold jewelry when Bao Jinteng bracelet was seen can be seen in her heart is very important. PS: During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, women needed to use rattan bracelets as a dowry.!!34010003.jpg From the pick - clean - trim - baked - set, 1000 rattan, and eventually can become the bracelet is also 100, also in the meantime, remove the no leader, squat, the thickness of the separation and so on. Can be used to do this section of the 20, and then sent to the old silversmith that, with a very high purity made of 995 sterling silver pipe to rattan, never worry about rattan bracelet heat after the mouth became larger. Many red vines on the market serve as Millettia, and also use white copper as pure silver, which is a good thing. **Product parameters**!!34010003.jpg Brand: vishi Name: Small Silver Spermatois Bracelets Material: 5-6mm natural wild Millettia, 995 pure silver Process: handmade Size: Please refer to the end of the page [Palm circumference measurement] Select the corresponding size Maintenance: Millettia can not be exposed to water for a long time. Whenever it comes into contact with water, wipe it dry.!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg The first time I touched a rattan bracelet in Tibet, it was first attracted by its primitive simplicity but with a natural and magical temperament. After learning more about the study, I learned that the vines used to make bracelets are from the foot of Mount Dajin, the southern Brazilian mountain in the southern part of Tibet. It is a natural Tibetan herb, and it has long-term comfort and blood circulation, soothing joints and nerves. And the legend of the Tibetans, the incarnation of the rattan stone hollow shape is extremely impressive. **Product showcase**!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg **Palm circumference measurement**!!34010003.jpg **How to care for Spatholobus stem bracelets?** The rattan bracelet is a wood with a high density. Soaking in water for a long time can damage the woody tissue and it is not recommended when wearing a bath. Wash your hands with water daily and wipe them with a soft cloth. 1. Do not use vine bangle or put it in a damp place. 2. At the beginning of wearing a Millettia bracelet, the surface may appear as dirt (whitish, this is due to dryness). It is necessary to apply vegetable oil (olive oil, walnut oil, etc.) frequently. , become very shiny. **What if the opening gets bigger?** When the opening is enlarged, you can heat the Millettia with the flame of the lighter (blue flame). When heating, you need to move it back and forth evenly, avoid baking at the same place for too long (may burn) and heating for about three seconds, then pinch Styling can be. **Product packaging**!!34010003.jpg As the maintenance oil delivered with the product is within the scope of the item sent by the express airline prohibition limit, if airmail is issued (such as SF Express), the maintenance oil will not be delivered with the product. The maintenance of rattan bracelet can use vegetable oil (olive oil, walnut oil, etc.) instead of maintenance oil. **How to use oil:** Take proper amount of curing oil onto the surface of the vine and apply evenly by hand or cotton cloth until the oil is completely absorbed.


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