Envelope card holder / business card / credit card / banknote

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Envelope card holder, can hold multiple cards, or business card holder, easy to pick up, and you can immediately find the card you want


Envelope card holder / business card / credit card / banknote


https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7808/47166524881_d638050cc0_z.jpg ▲ Product introduction Envelope card holder, can hold all kinds of cards, business card holders, can also be used as coin purses, or other storage purposes, simple shape, small objects can also set off the taste of life ◆ Name: Envelope Card Holder ◆ Material: vegetable tanned leather ◆ Size: length 11 width 7.5 thickness about 2.2 ▲ Leather color We have nine leather colors available, as shown below https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7873/40158882373_9a671ac22f_c.jpg Because each person's mobile phone or computer uses a different color, the actual leather color is the main factor. ▲ Font Branding https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49407573521_57bd93f884_c.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49407768202_79474955de_c.jpg The number of words printed in English is 12 words free of charge, more than 10 words must be purchased extra Chinese characters must be 20 yuan per character, optional-Chinese bold-Chinese block letters- Branded fonts can be stamped with hot stamping, free of charge Please order the remarks. The fonts to be branded and the need for hot stamping In addition, there is no special need for the branding position, we will brand it in a suitable position If you have any questions, please ask the designer ~ ▲ Introduction to vegetable tanning European vegetable tanned leather top layer cowhide with warm color and smooth touch No heavy paint is added to the surface, and the texture and pores of the surface layer can be seen in detail. The color will gradually change with personal use habits and the environment. ▲ Leather use and maintenance instructions Try not to contact the leather with water. It may cause water stains. If you accidentally touch the water, wait for it to dry naturally. Please do not expose to the sun or blow with a hair dryer, it may cause the leather to dry and crack If the leather is moldy, please wipe it with a slightly damp cloth and put it in a dry place in a dry place. Leather, like our skin, requires some maintenance and nourishment, which can effectively extend the life of the leather and increase the luster and color of the leather. You can use leather care oil, transparent shoe polish or vaseline, use a cloth, slightly oil or petroleum jelly, apply a thin layer evenly on the leather The color of the surface layer will be slightly darker at the beginning. When the oil is absorbed slowly, the color will gradually change back. If you have any other questions about leather, you can ask us the designer. ▲ Ordering Information ◆ We use vegetable tanned leather cowhide, without adding chemical coating, clearly show the natural original appearance of the leather, and there will be some traces of scars, etc. These are the marks of vegetable tanned leather cowhide. The most suitable leather for you. ◆ Because the color of the mobile phone or computer used by each person will be different, the actual leather color will be the main factor. If you need to see the actual leather color and texture, we can cut small pieces for you and send them to you. Please inform us if necessary. ◆ If you choose customized suture, you cannot return or exchange ▲ Brief of the brand I hope leather and life can be combined I hope everyone can find the leather goods you want here We will also do our best to make every commitment and responsibility The process is made by hand, and the passion is focused on the leather Leather is a work that is constantly changing. I hope that people's lives will also gradually improve and build a value attitude in life.


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