frankzoe iPhone 6S / 6 bright handmade plaque Case

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frankzoe iPhone 6S / 6 bright handmade plaque Case


We have begun major Apple stores in Taiwan Hello ~ in order to meet sales price of passage, with immediate effect, we will be back to you long% off Specials ~ Hello ~ Thank you for your support __Product Description__ Three-dimensional sense of movement plus sparkling texture, even pure silver powder is drawn, can still play a stunning visual effect, even during the day, you can still hold hands flashing in the night sky, but the simple black and white dress with u accessories (glasses, pens, notebooks), together with the express look professional and stylish aesthetic. __Product Features__ - Every single product is unique: This is not a print, each piece of trim effect with layer after layer of texture are hand-painted, so will retain the same style textures and arrangement alone, but in the light will vary with light and angles, will show different gloss change, so put on your iPhone unique gorgeous appearance. - Jewelery craftsmen arts: Our trim, through remaining in Italy, Taiwan pure hand-drawn art, after 20 a few processing process, breaking all kinds of adverse factors thermal deformation, scratches, bubbles, only to ornate trim integrally molded with the protective shell combine to make exquisite fashion accessories. - Protective exhaustive: Forming one of the three sides of the border compound, covering not only good, comfortable grip, the height of 170 cm fell down independent measurement, the coated surfaces are not damaged, the protective good. Trim plus UV scratch the surface treatment of high strength, so that the beauty goods because a long time and not be worn. Velvet cloth inner surface using iPhone to avoid the metal surface due to friction and scratches. Depth lens cover design, in addition to preventing overexposure caused by flash photography wide-angle design, the full depth of the lens to avoid finger on fingerprints, resulting in blurred images. - 100% of Taiwan's design, manufacture Our foundry partner for international brands OEM manufacturers protective shell, in the details and quality requirements, we also cf. same standards, and the general pursuit of cheap commodities differ. __Dimensions__ - 14 cm (length) x 7.2 cm (width) x 1.1 cm (high) - For iPhone 6S / 6 4.7-inch - At present, only developed 4.7-inch size, hope u (you) support, so that we can continue to extend dimension with other models. __Material Description__ - Hand-painted trim: Acrylic - One-piece shell: Environmental TPR rubber Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Design / Manufacturing


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