Jeep Planet Eco Beverage Bag No Lettering/Sucker Paper Blank Blank Area

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If you purchase more than one, you can choose a color change quantity, add it to the shopping cart, and give the designe


Jeep Planet Eco Beverage Bag No Lettering/Sucker Paper Blank Blank Area


/ Product Description & Story / If you purchase more than one, you can choose a color change quantity, add it to the shopping cart, and give the designer the color you want to buy in the comments or message:) Jeep Planet Reminder: The straw label in this area is blank and has no customized name There will be two leather labels on each bag, with the logo pattern on the front and the label on the other side. / colour/ Flower cloth series (left: cat paw point right: blue and wind) Material: Cotton is softer than canvas, but it is lighter than carrying, so you can choose your desired material according to your preference. Model Cup: Starbucks Eco Cup (cup size is larger than the diameter of a commercial chain beverage cup) / Size / Can magnify the size of some chain beverage shops 500, 700C.C hand cups (can refer to the example photos, such as special cups, fatter styrofoam cups, personal advice for use with the first cup to ask the letter), easy to carry and Storage. This bag has a diameter of about 8 to 8.5cm and a circumference of about 25.5 to 26.5cm (manual system has slight error) After the new bag is put on the drink cup, depending on the width of the cup, the horizontal bar area will fall in the middle or bottom of the drink cup (as shown in the picture). If it is used for a long time, the fabric will be slightly loose, and the bar area may be Go up a bit, but not fall off, unless it's too narrow. Such as the example photos, 50, gold, ore, city cafe or some chain beverage stores M, L cups apply, but not for all cups, overweight cups or over narrow cups, may lead to not mention or It is easy to fall off. It is recommended to ask for communication before making another. Thank you:) Model Cup: Starbucks Hot Drink L Cup/Lake Green Bag Model Cup: Starbucks Hot Drink L Cup / Lavender Mist Purple Bag Demonstration cup type: much coffee L cup/wine red bag Model Cup: Round Stone L Cup/Black Bag The style of the model is gray, but it is still recommended to refer to the fabric color table area will be closer to the physical color 喔 ~ (because the product note due to indoor and outdoor lighting and influential) (Model bag color: Christmas green) Matcha green (left) and Christmas green (right) color match diagram Cherry Blossom Powder (Model Cup: 7-11 City Cafe) Left: Milk tea color right: Asakusa green / Material / Wine Bag Canvas/Natural Leather Cow Leather Leather (LOGO/ Customized Name Leather Label) / Cleaning and Maintenance / If the skin mark part touches the water, please dry it naturally and avoid scratching the leather or sharp objects to scratch the leather area. The bag part is recommended to hand-wash the local dirt, do not put it into the washing machine to avoid damage :) Jeep Planet Reminder 1. Due to the different degree of dyeing on each batch of fabrics, the photo and the entity may have a small color difference. 2. The merchandise is all hand-made. There will be a slight error in the size of the location. Please consider whether or not to accept a small imperfection before making a purchase. 3. This product is a custom-made product, and if not, it will not provide replacement service. Thank you. Hong Kong area can use SF to pay, thank you :)! Beverage bags are packaged in simple kraft paper bags. If you need gifts, you can also add the gift box to this link. Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Taiwan


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