AAMOS cotton and linen tablecloth (black)

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Finnish Lapuan Kankurit high-quality cotton and linen long table towels, the first choice for table texture upgrades!


AAMOS cotton and linen tablecloth (black)


Lapuan Kankurit is a family textile company from a small town in central Finland. Since its establishment in 1917, it is now a fourth-generation operator. It has also become a nationally renowned brand from a small textile factory. , Let it win the Finnish Handicraft Award (TAITO-FINLANDIA) in 2014. Lapuan Kankurit pays special attention to the use of natural materials and strictly controls the protection of the environment in the process of developing and manufacturing products. It promotes the diversified use of commodities, and advocates that everyone can use the same commodities according to their own habits and preferences, rather than the standard. For example, the thin blankets used by most people to make beds can also be used as tablecloths, and wool blankets can also be used as Shawls, etc., they believe that good-quality textiles, under good storage, can be used for a long time and are carefully collected, rather than quickly eliminated consumables. This concept also thoroughly implements its environmental protection and sustainable brand concept. Lapuan Kankurit, which has always been known for its high-quality linen, in addition to its delicate feel, beautiful and elegant design is also one of the attractions. With the arrival of spring, Lapuan Kankurit launched a new design full of natural elements AAMOS. The RUUT that everyone loves comes from the same designer: the famous Finnish artist Heini Riitahuhta. These two designs have the same delicate brushstrokes. Heini's rich emotions are embedded in these complex and interwoven lines. With a lively atmosphere, AAMOS uses lines to match some color blocks to outline the outlines of plants and insects, and fills the details with complicated lines and dotted patterns to create an empty beauty. Fine patterns are interwoven on the soft cloth, bright but not dazzling color matching, suitable for various styles of home furnishings, long table towels rarely seen in Taiwan are actually practical and beautiful, and are easier to clean than large table towels, with a lighter color The color tabletops are suitable, and the elegant texture allows your table to be upgraded immediately. Product Information Origin: Finland Dimensions: 48 x 150 cm Material: 60% cotton 40% linen


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