Travel on Venus - dew and rhythm

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Travel on Venus - dew and rhythm


UFO ride on Venus travel Tail dragging cosmic dust, Sounded a bit gorgeous and Fantasia. Made of brass and green agate beads Single size, the diamond length 1.7x width 0.9 cm, Providing spiral ear and ear clip-pin (needle) style. Price is the price of a pair of earrings! Purchase Notes! Thanks for watching! If you can accept the buy Oh! + Guarantee new goods. + The sale of each item are attached to a thick folder chain bag, each sold are attached a silver polishing cloth. + They are all real commodity product shot, but probably because the real light shooting, personal display screen, individual differences in perception of color or texture to produce, so the photos are only commodity begin with real products based. + Goods are all handmade, it is inevitable that some of the error, the error reference value is about 1 to 5 mm. + Natural ores due to natural growth, labor exploitation and cutting material, and the achievements of every single natural ore in color, texture, crystallization, impurities, cracks, defects or dissimilar sizes, etc., so we can not promise that you fully consistent with the actual product photo, but try to pick the appearance of texture with the use of an equivalent material. + For the pursuit of a low-key warm brass metallic luster, do not shop goods Plating and mirror polishing repair, metal surface slightly brush marks are a normal state. Brass will start a new shiny copper was new, but over time and environmental factors gradually oxidized bronze Oh! + Brass alloy composition does not contain heavy metals, but may vary depending on individual constitution is still possible due to wear and any allergy symptoms such as discomfort, immediately remove the jewelry, rinse with water after the affected area, the nearest to the dermatology clinic. + Jewelry personal items belonging to individuals, unless new flaws, sent the wrong goods, defects generated during the transport, and are not available for return and replacement service. + Know absolutely Ordinance, any questions please ask in advance before buying :) + If the above is acceptable then buy Oh! About brass Brass plated surface is not, it will affect the time and with the environment to generate color gradually deep natural performance, which is normal, you can also fine-tune the shiny metal through a simple and easy to do maintenance trip. - When not wearing, please brass jewelry incorporated into the zipper bag Oh! - When wearing, avoid lotions, perfume and a lot of sweat attached to the brass jewelry, in order to avoid rapid oxidation. - Hot springs, swimming, bathing, exercise, remove the brass ornaments, and put zipper bag Oh! Maintenance mode 2 half-day care and micro-stroke points Basic tools: silver polishing cloth * This itinerary is appropriate to include natural stones, pearls and other brass ornaments. Remove the worn brass jewelry, rinse thoroughly with water, hair dryer, left fixed accessories, the right hand jewelry silver polishing cloth, if the correct way to achieve the effect of micro-lighting. Silver polishing cloth so the black is normal, and do not clean silver polishing cloth. Week 5 minutes a small stroke care Basic tools: two toothbrushes, dish soap or toothpaste, hair dryer, Vaseline. * When this itinerary foam cleaning Avoid excessive brushing natural stone or pearl. The wearing brass jewelry, take it you have not used a toothbrush dampened with a little dish soap or toothpaste, gently scrub foam jewelry, rinse water after drying, and then dried with a hair dryer (careful hot hot). Finally, take another toothbrush dampened some of the Vaseline (Petrolatum were mostly ingredients, translucent paste, no incense), evenly brush the jewelry, and then incorporated into the jewelry comes with zipper pocket, complete ! Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade and Designed in Taiwan


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