Dawn Yellow Scented Tulip Bouquet

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We exclusively launch the Sola dry version of the Korean flaming red tulip bouquet. The super beautiful misty pink color is sprayed with our exclusive research and development fragrance. The whole bouquet is not only beautiful but also scented.



Dawn Yellow Scented Tulip Bouquet


🌹Physical store: 1F, No. 8, Alley 18, Lane 250, Section 5, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City 🌹Search online: Flover Floral Art *This year’s Valentine’s Day coincides with the Spring Festival, the arrival date cannot be specified, and the gift will be shipped before 2/9. We exclusively launch the Sola dry version of the Korean flaming red tulip bouquet, the super beautiful morning yellow, sprayed with our exclusive research and development fragrance, the whole bouquet is not only beautiful but also scented. |About fragrance| Blackberry and orange blossom, blackberry fruity and sweet orange blend, sweet and sour and refreshing scent makes people comfortable. |What is Solaria| Sola flower is a flower made by hand from the rhizome of a common grass plant. The flower type and color are variable. It can be kept dry for several years. Spraying the fragrance can be used as a flower for spreading fragrance. / Size, specifications (the overall size manual measurement error ±3~5cm) / Single bouquet: about cm wide and cm high S Small bouquet: about 28cm wide and 36cm high Contents: Bouquet*1 Blank card*1 / Flower materials/ Sola tulip, dry leaves / Precautions/ ▸ The designated arrival date and time period of Black Cat does not guarantee the delivery as scheduled (it may arrive earlier). Please be sure to provide the latest arrival date to retain flexible time. ▸ The card can be written on behalf of (limited to 20 characters), please note the content in the order. ▸ To protect the flower gift, the gift must be packaged in a carton box, and there is no special gift box packaging unless otherwise specified. ▸ There is no stock in the stores, and orders are made, and the goods will be shipped within 3 working days (excluding holidays) after the order is placed and paid. For urgent orders and bulk orders, please call first. ▸ Plant growth is different, there is no symmetry or flawless petals, perfectionists please think carefully. ▸ The flower gifts are all handmade, and the finished product will not be exactly the same as the photo. If the flower material is out of stock, the designer will adjust and replace the flower material with similar colors. ▸ It is normal for dried flowers to drop slightly during the delivery process. / storage method/ ▸ Keep a dry environment, avoid moisture and strong sunlight, if there is dust, use a small brush to remove it. ▸ If the eternal flower gets damp, the petals will be transparent or oily, it is recommended to strengthen the dehumidification (you can place the dehumidifier to speed up the dehumidification). ▸ It can be placed in a good environment for several years, but it will still fade and fall naturally over time.


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