Zero Waste Environmental Hand Washing Set-Happy Sweet Cherry Fragrance

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The concept of environmentally friendly washing from the UK! Add plain boiled water to restore it to hand wash. 99% natural ingredients, vegan, zero cruelty, zero waste. Milly & Sissy advocates Refill to replenish products / Reuse to reuse empty bottles / Recycle to recycle. Environmental protection and carbon reduction, friendly to the earth.


Zero Waste Environmental Hand Washing Set-Happy Sweet Cherry Fragrance


The hand sanitizer set contains French sweet cherry scented hand sanitizer (40g powdered bag) and a 500ml amber glass press bottle made in the UK. The happiness of sweet cherry blossoms from your fingertips, always protecting the tender brilliance of your slender hands! Packed in a British-made glass bottle with amber color and copper color metal pressure head, whether it is placed in the bathroom or the kitchen countertop, it looks beautiful! The stainless steel copper-colored pressure head matched with the glass bottle is not only durable, but also full of fashion sense; it is especially suitable for use with hand sanitizer. Each time the entire bottle is used up, wash the body and head of the bottle, and when it dries, you can shake a new bottle of cleansing product. Milly & Sissy's bath products are made of 99% natural ingredients. The base is coconut oil, olive oil and kaolin. It is natural and pure; it does not contain Paraben preservatives, SLS surfactants, and does not contain palm oil. We are also committed to protecting the environment and caring for animals. All products are vegan, we have not performed any animal experiments, and avoid large amounts of liquid transportation during the production process to achieve the task of carbon reduction. Usage: ❶ Loosen the powder in the bag first, cut the small bag and pour the powder into a 500ml empty bottle ❷ Add normal temperature boiled water to eight minutes full (about 400ml) ❸ Shake it thoroughly and let it stand overnight ❹ Shake again before use the next day ❺Take an appropriate amount on wet hands, rub well and rinse with water Storage method: Please store unused powder in a bag in a dry and cool place at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight Note: When cleaning the glass bottle, wipe it with a soft cloth; avoid direct washing in the dishwasher


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