200g Floral Series / Natural Soy Scented Candle

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Light the candle and look at the candlelight, The feeling of warmth rises in my heart, Enjoy the sound of the burning of the wood core, Vision and burning stability, Fluttering the scent of a scented candle, Vision, smell, and hearing are all satisfied. Ad



200g Floral Series / Natural Soy Scented Candle


◆Product Description◆ Light the candle and look at the candlelight, The feeling of warmth rises in my heart, Enjoy the sound of the burning of the wood core, Vision and burning stability, Fluttering the scent of a scented candle, Vision, smell, and hearing are all satisfied. Adhere to the whole process of hand-made packaging, so that the price brings noble enjoyment. https://i.redd.it/o135rdvidth11.jpg Tobacco does not produce toluene or other harmful substances to humans after burning. Even if there are children or elders in the family, you can use them with confidence. The products are handmade. When the product volume is insufficient, you will be contacted by the agreed shipping date. ◆How to use ◆ After lighting the candle, It takes about 30 minutes to burn and begins to scent. Each essential oil has a different effect on the spread of fragrance. The time to wait will vary. ◆The reason why black wax smokes when burning wax wax ◆ 1. The wick is too long: The wood chip core needs to be trimmed before each ignition, leaving about 0.6 cm. 2. The candle does not burn stably in a stable and windless place: If the wax scorpion has been blown by the wind when it burns, it will cause incomplete combustion and emit black smoke. The scented candle lights up every time, It is important to melt the surface of the candle into a wax solution. Only to achieve the best diffusion effect, If it only ignites less than an hour, It is easy to cause the candle to burn only to the middle small circle. The fragrance will not achieve the best diffusion effect. It will also shorten the life of the candle! ◆ Candle use tips ◆ If there is an edge hard wax that does not melt, Can be when the candle is burning, Pick up the cup and gently shake it around the circle. Please be careful not to let the wax overflow. Melt the wax with temperature in the middle, Contact the hard wax next to it, Help the hard wax melt on the edges! ◆Product Specifications◆ Original price: 780 Capacity: 200g ±10% Use time: about 40-50 hours of burning Place of Origin: Taiwan Manufacturing method: 100% handmade ●Do not include a cover, you can add a candle cover on the product page. ◆Scent introduction ◆ M08 Warm White / Warm White Top notes: lemon, white jasmine, rose Middle notes: lily, orange blossom, clove Base: white musk Diffusion ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/8vkkzxzyrfe11.jpg In the summer morning, the English style is fresh and sweet, and the white and full of flowers are fragrant, sweet and not greasy. There is a kind of warm heart surrounded by happiness, and there are some green branches and leaves. This is the gentleness of the girl. The smell is fascinating. https://i.redd.it/ok5b81khikw21.jpg M11 Honeysuckle / Honeysuckle Top note: citrus Middle notes: honeysuckle, violet Base: sandalwood, moss Diffusion ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/ajhoewgc33e11.jpg Honeysuckle is another name for honeysuckle. The unique taste of honeysuckle is warm and sweet. With a small amount of sandalwood as the base, the ingenious combination with honeysuckle seems to contain a force that blooms in the cold snow. , ticking over time to create a fragrant aroma! M17 Albizia / Silk Blossom Top notes: lemon, apricot blossom Middle notes: Albizia, cherry blossom Base: moss, frankincense Diffusion ■ □ □ (light fragrance) https://i.redd.it/ff8f2l8263e11.jpg Different from other rich floral fragrances, this section has a delicate aroma, and the apricot peach top notes are combined with the details of the acacia flowers and cherry blossoms, but they are quietly blooming, with a sweet taste, which makes people intriguing and naturally radiates a light and lonely. The temperament, calm and comfortable, arbitrarily spread into a fragrant fragrance! M22 Monet / Monet Top: Lemon, Citrus Middle: Vanilla Base: Sandalwood Diffusion ■ ■ ■ (rich) https://i.redd.it/6yr9wliafbs11.jpg Subtle sandalwood wood is light and delicate, velvety silky vanilla, blended after the unisex, seductive sexy, like the French painter Monet, the unconventional painting technique, mixed colors Into the nose, try to forget everything in front of you, free to outline, the scent depicted is unique! M24 Rice Flower / Rice Flower Top note: coconut Middle notes: shea butter, frankincense Base note: amber, sandalwood Diffusion ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/dc600ew3j9e11.jpg Light and soft, similar to the warmth of rice, with the slight milky aroma of shea, intertwined into a non-obtrusive, but with a very unique expression, the presence of the fragrance will fade over time, but this fragrance Warm, will leave a faint residual flap in the heart, catch a faint coconut flavor brewed in a round, warm and calm in the heart to give you a big hug! M25 Aurora Rose / Aurora Rose Top note: mint Middle notes: violet, rose Substrate: amber Diffusion ■ ■ ■ (rich) https://i.redd.it/zdzsr39q73e11.jpg The classic unbeaten rose exudes a fascinating aroma. This rose is different from the traditional one. The soft, mint flavor of the top notes is nothing, and the overall aroma is inadvertently added. The middle notes add a little violet and amber, more A scent and sleek, the taste is more full than the rose on the market, the moving aroma, always shine on the body, making people unique! https://i.redd.it/z0xulx3gikw21.jpg M28 New York / New York Top notes: sweet orange, lemon Middle notes: rosemary, jasmine, lily Base: musk, moss, broccoli Diffusion ■ □ □ (light fragrance) https://i.redd.it/bcfy4bbwr8e11.jpg The beginning of the faint sweet orange, lemon bursts of fresh scent, followed by rosemary, jasmine, lily scent soft and fragrant, the bottom of the musk, moss, lavender grass layer and harmony, turned into a street in New York, with When you pass by, you will look back, it is so vibrant and sexy, forming a great masculine scent that makes people want to be close! M31 Year Shilan / Nian concubines Top notes: lavender, rose Middle note: Jasmine Base: white musk Diffusion ■ □ □ (light fragrance) https://i.redd.it/q3b19m8bc3e11.jpg The main tone is jasmine, with a lily and a slight rose and lavender scent, the base of the white musk is seamless with the scent of many scent, has a wide range of appeal, so unique and profound! Stand out among the many flowers, just sit in the window and watch the moon, the quiet and fragrant fluttering around, adorning this scene, it is worthy of being accompanied by the incense. M38 Red Peony / Pink Blush Top notes: apple, jasmine Middle note: peony, violet Substrate: amber Diffusion ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/9adj6vo0h3e11.jpg Romantic flowers in full bloom, delicate peony and red apple juicy, with the rich scent of jasmine, soft blending, adding a touch of character is a quiet, beautiful and incarnation, with a little mysterious color, aftertaste of warm Fascination is an infinite whimsy, perfect aroma! https://i.redd.it/m9km940fikw21.jpg M41 Cotton Seed / Cottonseed Top notes: chamomile, fennel Middle notes: magnolia, orange blossom Base note: white musk, vanilla Diffusion ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/pun9rz0tkfe11.jpg Exciting soft white floral bouquets, adding a touch of elegant night scent, wrapped in vanilla-flavored musk, light and faint like cotton, soft, lingering and comfortable. It can be swayed to savor the light, very popular soft, but with a touch of vitality! M46 Pear Blossom Dew / Pear Blossom Top notes: pear, lemon Middle notes: freesia, lily, rose Base note: amber, patchouli Diffusion ■ ■ ■ (rich) https://i.redd.it/f52j2g8sh3e11.jpg The fresh pears, wrapped in the faint flower of the freesia, make the aroma sweet and sour, like a pear orchard in the harvest, dancing with the blooming crimson orchids next to it, contaminated with such tenderness. Scent, fresh and elegant, soft and graceful, classic soft tonality, you will fall in love with our fabulous atmosphere! M49 Apricot Blossom / Nectarine Blossom Top notes: apricot, black currant Middle notes: honey, peach, honeysuckle Base note: zephyr Diffusion ■ □ □ (light fragrance) https://i.redd.it/kdq2v1z3i3e11.jpg Juicy apricots, black currant and the delicate morning of the spring garden blend with the sweetness of honey. The middle notes of honeysuckle and peach blossom, the base aroma of vetiver and honey, the layers of various flavors overlap the incredible fantasy and beautiful scent, and you must try the perfect aroma! M54 White Jasmine / White Jasmine Top note: Gardenia, chamomile Middle notes: jasmine, magnolia Base note: white musk Diffusion ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/mz0n3oclk3e11.jpg The extremely soft and elegant white jasmine meets the magnolia and combines into a noble atmosphere. This kind of atmosphere is like a slender aristocratic lady. The aroma of the body will be accompanied by a weak chamomile, which will form a harmonious tonality, a fragrant fragrance, satisfying the likes. Soft and scented you! M56 Little Spring / Little Spring Top notes: pear, ylang, apple Middle note: pear, rose Base note: benzoin, white musk Diffusion ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/tavnpbl7tfe11.jpg The sweetness of the pears combines with the crisp apple scent. The fragrant lemons are softly matched with silk. The mouth-watering pears, supple roses and white musk are the perfect match. This is a dream. A soft, feminine femininity. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- ◆Q&A◆ Q. Is the compound essential oil used safe? A. Musk uses a combination of essential oils without phthalate PHTHALATES (no plasticizer, fixative). Each compound essential oil has European Union-Complaint Safety Data Sheet, Certificate Of Origin, International Fragrance Association IFRA (Internatioal Fragrance Association), Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS (Material Safety) Data Sheet) Certification file. Q. Can pregnant women use fragrance products? A. Musk uses a combination of non-plasticizer and non-fixing essential oils, but there are many places to pay attention to when pregnant women use them. Most doctors recommend pregnant women and try to use products that do not contain any spices or essential oils. Therefore, pregnant women who want to use fragrance products will be a little bit tolerant. Q. What is the difference between the scented candle and the fragrance diffusion bottle on the market? A. The product ingredients of Musk are not much different from the high-priced fragrance products on the market. The idea of creating a brand was to enjoy the fragrance at a low price, so the profit that will be earned from the product. Reduce and provide customers with a fair price. Q. What should I pay attention to when using scented candles? A. Burn for more than one hour each time, let the wax oil melt on average, and form a wax pool on the cup surface to avoid the formation of depressions in the middle. If the depression occurs, the candle usage time will be shortened. Before burning, please cut the wood wick to 0.5 cm, remove the black residue and start using it to extend the life of the candle. Do not burn more than three hours per time to avoid the glass being too hot. Q. What is the difference between soy wax and paraffin? A. Soybean wax burning time is 30-50% longer than paraffin wax. Soybean wax is environmentally friendly and does not produce unpleasant and harmful gases when burned. Made in Taiwan handmade


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