Customized environmentally friendly packaging paper bags including wooden spoons / wedding gifts

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The special customized paper bag packaging reduces the use of plastic bags and is more environmentally friendly.


Customized environmentally friendly packaging paper bags including wooden spoons / wedding gifts


Special paper bag packaging to reduce the use of plastic bags. This custom-made package, the front sticker can be printed with the name of the new person and the date of the wedding. The back sticker on the package can be printed with a custom blessing statement (you can also use our default greetings). Please specify "New Name", "Wedding Date" and "Blessing Statement (Chinese characters include punctuation within 14 words)" in the remarks column of the order. Ps "New Name" field, can also be replaced with your event / party name, as a small event ~ After we receive the order, we will provide a layout diagram to the buyer for confirmation. In order to allow the entire package to be recycled as paper, our stickers use paper stickers. Although the printing effect of the pearlescent sticker is more detailed, However, the material of pearl paper is plastic. It is not easy to tear and recycle after being attached. Considering that the bag is a single-use product, we decided to use a sticker that can be completely recycled as paper. Lightweight wooden spoon for easy carrying And there is the meaning of "heavy happiness." - We offer 5 color packaging: choose the most suitable color according to your wedding theme color A. Cranberry Cranberry B. Temperament Blue Green Blue green C. Snow White Silver White D. Noble Royal Purple E. Golden sunshine - Customized packaging: The name of the new person, the date of the wedding can be printed, and the blessing statement can be printed on the back of the package (Chinese characters contain punctuation within 14 words) - The back sticker is pre-printed with the greetings: "Light wooden spoons, full of happiness", if you want to print your own sentences, the number of words in the Chinese characters can be punctuated within 14 words, please When ordering, please note in the order remarks column. - The wooden spoon of the wooden house by SGS: The contents of the wooden spoons are purchased from the wooden house, and each spoon has the original wooden house elevator. The origin of the wooden spoon is Vietnam, and the SGS inspection number is attached to the elevator, as well as the date of manufacture, material and other information. The gift is more peace of mind. A large number of customized offers: If you need the following order quantity, you can contact the designer to request a coupon. Single order over 400, discount NTD 1700 Single order over 300, discount NTD 1100 A single order full of 200, discount NTD 600 Single order full 100, discount NTD 250 50 orders for a single order, discount NTD 100 The above-mentioned large number of customized offers are for individual use only and are not used in conjunction with the offers offered by the design gallery. Packing size: approx. 18 cm x 5.5 cm Spoon size: approx. 15 x 3.5 cm Origin / manufacturing methods Customized bags: Made in Taiwan, Wood House Wood Spoon: Origin Vietnam


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