Apple Series Wood Plate (Basic)--Afternoon Tea Snack Plate--Woodcut--Handmade--Handmade

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Art comes from life, but it is different from life. It can be very free and very happy. This apple series of wooden tray


Apple Series Wood Plate (Basic)--Afternoon Tea Snack Plate--Woodcut--Handmade--Handmade


Art comes from life
But different from life
Can be very casual and very happy

This design is inspired by a lot of materials to be thrown away.
We attach great importance to materials
Even if it only has a little bit left
Even if it’s just a piece
We believe that there must be value available
So we will keep it
Find a place for them to reuse

After creating a large work
There will be many margins
Some people think that it will be lost if they are useless.
We will collect it
Some flat but still fairly square materials
It is very suitable for making small plates

We want to make it a bit more vivid
I designed this model of the Apple series.
I hope that these materials will regain new life.
It also adds more fun to everyone’s life.

This section has a smooth style in the middle
The texture of the knife marks on the outside of the plate

● Production: hand-carved

● Size:
About 12~16 cm long
Width 12~16 cm
About 1~3 cm thick

**※Because this product is recycled, the size will vary depending on the material. If you have a special size, please contact us, thank you!**

●Material: Wood

1. This is a product made of logs. Do not touch sharp objects to avoid scratching the surface.
2. Although it is wood, please be careful to drop and collide with it.
3. Because this is an edible utensil, the surface is not specially painted, there is no waterproof effect, and it can't be soaked in water.
4. Wooden food maintenance method: use edible oil, wipe it with a cloth or kitchen towel.
5. After using for a period of time, repeat the action of the 4th point for maintenance.
6. Please wait patiently for the production time, thank you!

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------

The origin of "Heart Art 13 Life Creation"

There are always extraordinary things happening in ordinary life.
Everyone has something that belongs to his own unique meaning
"Thirteen" is a special number for us.
Therefore, we created this "heart art thirteen" with this feeling.
Let us create our own art with our heart and hands.
I hope to create a unique one for everyone.

Design concept---unique gift ‧ hand made temperature

The starting point of our design comes from the "gift"
I really like to make gifts for my family and friends.
When you see the person receiving the gift, you are happy.
The corner of the mouth is always unconsciously rising
Therefore, we set up the studio "Heart Art 13 Life Creation"
I hope to design and produce it for everyone.
Meaningful little thing

Our main material is the use of wood and pottery.
Both of these material properties give a warm feeling
We like to keep the texture of the hand made
In addition to the original material characteristics
Also kept the temperature of the hand
I hope that art can be integrated into life.
Let art not only play an eye
Can also have practical value
Find extraordinary from ordinary people

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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