Mother's Day Carnation Gift Bag

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Gift bag designed for Mother's Day: What is the heart of the goddess, plus a little bit of packaging, so that the full score of the mind to the next level! Mother's Day Carnation Gift Bag: Red / Pink


Mother's Day Carnation Gift Bag


Mother's Day Carnation Gift Bag The main visual carnation is made of Japanese resin clay. The petals are thin and vivid, the color is natural and elegant, not afraid of insects and mildew, it is more durable than Everlasting flowers, and it is easier to clean up! Product Size Red: 18 cm long x 9 cm wide Purple models: 18.6 cm long x 9.6 cm wide Material used Fine Art Paper + Japanese Resin Clay, Dry Flower Shipping package ◇ 13 X 13 X 16 cm kraft paper box ◇ The interior is equipped with a desiccant to maintain the best condition of the product. preservation method D Dry & Handmade Flower is mostly made of natural air-drying, depending on the characteristics of the flower material, with fading or dyeing. ◇ Natural plant material gradually fades and fades over time as normal. Do not touch water, avoid high temperature and humidity, and direct sunlight. It can be preserved for 2~3 years! 时 When it is dusty, please blow it with a cold air blower or wipe with a soft brush. ◇ If there is moldy condition, please use cotton swab to pick up alcohol with a concentration of more than 75%; if the local condition is serious, remove the flower material to avoid affecting other flowers; when the dry flower appears to be wet, Restore with a hot air blower Purchase Notes The products of flowers and plums are handmade by the designer. In order to provide you with the most perfect flower ceremony experience, the flowers and plants are carefully selected with professional beauty, and the low-key and elegant style is carefully interpreted. The protection of the collision, to prevent the goods from smashing, please also confirm the following before buying: ◇ Natural flowers have their own unique postures, and the photos are slightly different depending on the angle of the photo, the environment, or the color of the screen device. Please know that the items you ordered cannot be 100% identical to the pictures! 干燥 The dry flower itself is fragile. It is inevitable that a small amount of debris will fall during the transportation and unpacking process. If you don't mind placing another order! ◇ If you have any questions about the goods, please contact us and you will be able to handle them as soon as possible. 订 Customized products are only required to be produced after the payment is made. Please allow 3 working days to make the production. 订 Customized products do not accept returns! If the spot goods are used, disassembled or damaged, they cannot be returned! 大量 A large number of custom delivery dates and discounts are negotiable. ◇ The design hall is exempt from business registration and does not need to open a unified invoice.


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