Ethan LI Caricature

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Illustration of Ethan depict people with watercolors


Ethan LI Caricature


There are always good memories in life and pictures of these memories do not only represent the emotional connection between people, they are always full of warmth as being remembered. If you want to convey the infinite thoughts in your mind to the other person or you want to keep the momentary beauty. Please draw your own customized caricature! Is there anything better than collecting the painting that you treasure? Whether you want to convey your kindly feelings to your families, lover or bosom friend or draw a portrait of yourself. Let the warmth of freehand painting tell your precious moments! __________________________________________ Illustration of Ethan depict people with watercolors, colored pencils, fine line drawing pens and other composite media materials, its style is relatively gentle and approachable, bring people the exclusive warmth of their own. Pets can also be painted (pets are also charged by the number of people) Additional charges Background wreath NTD $400 Tools: NTD $200 By the way, you can add a photo frame The photo with frames has more commemorative significance! Art paper 32mo Wooden frames NTD $130 7-inch Log frames NTD$180 Sizes for production/ W13.5H19cm 300g art paper, the stiff paper can be well preserved even if it is not placed in the photo frame. Order process: 1. First determine whether you like the painting style of Ethan (it is non-realistic style) 2. Please provide a picture of the person whom you want to draw after placing the order. The photo should be clear and the hairstyle of the person should not be cut. Extra 3 to 4 photos are provided so that I can clearly see the appearance and features. If you have other needs, please speak with Ethan! (such as adding texts, writing names) Or search for Ethan li illustration in FB and contact Ethan through its fans 3. It is estimated that the photo will be sent to you within 8-10 working days after the communication for confirmation. Precautions: 1. There will be a gap between the hand-drawing style and photos and Ethan is the non-realistic style. Please refer to FB or IG to determine the style before playing the order! This product is the personal customization and there is no return and no refund after purchase! 2. The author will sign at the corner. 3. The drawing time is about 8-10 working days. 5. Ethan has the right to modify the program price. 6. Ethan retains the copyright & literary property and has the right to display the collection. 7. Copyright is owned by Ethan. Please do not use the production for reproduction, printing or commercial activities. Welcome to experience the caricature! You can also leave photos for being caricatured Or order the caricature on the Internet In addition, there are the customized wedding invitations with illustrations, welcome to consult.


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