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    ● Appointments for weddings. Popular dates. Delivery date. ● Can assist with winning tickets. ● More than 100 shipments.
  • QUOTES handmade cakes are made with crispy pancakes every day. They do away with the drawbacks of being too thick, too hard, too sweet, and difficult to import. Because the fortunate biscuits on the market are all similar in appearance, but their taste and flavor are very different. It will be your best gift for guests to choose the best wedding gifts for your guests.
    👰👨‍⚖️ A variety of taste tasting products ordering area https://www.pinkoi.com/product/fU7Y8vgx

    **Ordering method: Please use the computer webpage to order, order 15 first, then modify the quantity in the shopping cart to more than 100**
    Fortunately, the fortune cookie is made in the manner of making an appointment,**More than 100 shipments are required**need to use the computer web page to operate on the shopping cart page, modify the specified quantity (the quantity can be filled in). Order more than 100 will be intimate preparation

    **[Customized signature]**
    1. We will provide examples of wedding signings and sign-up versions to let you feel more blessed with the text and allow you to modify the content of the new paradigm so that you no longer have to worry about distressed texts.
    2. You can design up to 100 signatures and can design a raffle interactive game, which will assist in speaking and winning the prize.
    3. You can use the “Contact Designer” feature of the product page to send the signed text file or leave your email address.

    **【Signed version type selection】**

    数量 Quantity: One entry, each fortune cookie has its own packaging bag. The exclusive bag designed by QUOTES fortune cookie team is made in Taiwan. The packaging bag is printed on the back of the bag to remind consumers not to eat it. Sign up to avoid having your friends and relatives mistakenly eat your signature!

    食用 Edible reminder: FORTUNE COOKIE has forbidden to eat fortune cookies

    幸运 Fortune cookie size: approximately 6-7cm after biscuit formation, non-small cookies

    签 Signed paper: Printed on a safe, food-grade paper, free from fluorescer, and the signature is placed in the cookie at random

    赏 Enjoyment period: no preservatives are added, it is recommended to be consumed within one week, can be stored for two weeks, no store sales, orders will be produced, there will be no sales in the store, instead of selling on the Internet, fresh produce delicious taste

    制作 Production principle: Taiwan is made by hand in the field, which is more crispy and tastes better than other production methods. The taste is natural and the amount of sugar is halved.

    口味 Taste: Milk, Chocolate, Matcha, Strawberry, Yakisake Roasted Coffee, Black Whirlwind Chocolate, Sweet Potato, Pyrene Spring Tea, Gold Cheese, Japanese Style Black Tea, Choose from a Variety of Flavors, At Least 100 or More Flavors Will ship

    成分 Ingredients: hand-baked, eggs, sugar, flour, oil, milk powder, cocoa powder, matcha powder, strawberry powder, coffee powder, tea powder, black tea powder, sweet potato powder, chicken powder, spices (yellow color No. 4)
    ♥ Product Liability Insurance: Fubon Property Insurance 0525-17AML0001078


    Fortune Cookie History
    Fortune cookies, also known as fortune cookies, lucky fortune cookies, happy cookies, divinatory cakes, etc., are American-style Asian shortcakes, usually made of flour, sugar, vanilla and cream, and bread There are similar rumors or ambiguous words, sometimes printed with "lucky numbers" (such as for lottery, etc.), translated Chinese idioms, sayings, etc.
    In the United States and Canada (also in other Western countries), fortune cookies are a dessert in Chinese restaurants, but in fact, in China and other East Asian regions inhabited by the Chinese people, they do not have the custom of eating such foods. The origin of the fortune cookie is unknown, but several immigrant communities in California say that early 20th century fortune cookies have become popular and their recipe is based on Japanese traditional pancakes. -- Quote Wikipedia

    QUOTES Everyday Fortune Cake originates from the founder's enthusiasm for life and the unlimited dream of the future. It transforms into a motivating action plan. It uses a positive and positive heart to make fortune cookies, so that the fortune cookies contain more positive energy, and practice cards. The first section of the Fund's internal laws: not criticizing, not reproaching, not complaining about all kinds of challenges, QUOTES every day fortune cookies invites everyone to embrace the beauty of life and embrace every day of happiness.

    【Service Introduction】
    Every lucky fortune cookie can bring you good fortune, customized signatures, diversified tastes, tasty and delicious, wedding small things, mistress ceremony, Valentine's Day gift, Father's Day gift, year-end end teeth, Mother's Day gift, birthday Gifts, New Year's congratulations, party games, corporate events, and public relations marketing, providing exclusive planning, creating more surprises and bringing full happiness

    [Professional and fast corporate customer production]
    We specialize in the production and taste development of Fortune Cookies for Fortune Cookie, and quickly provide customers with exclusive fortune cookies, which can play a key role in birthday gifts, wedding gifts and corporate marketing activities, and successfully create more brand value for customers. And consumers' good impression

    [Previous service customers]
    Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Breguet Watches, Eslite Life, BMW Ritek, Taishin Bank, Taishin Art Club, DBS Bank, Ai Playworld, Luxasia Taiwan. Taiwan Luya, Nissan Yuxin Automotive, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Amboseli, Hong Kong Business Ditis Digital Theater System DTS, China University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Sports Management Institute, KKBOX, Pacific Sogo Department Store, etc. Hundreds of company groups
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Wedding Small Things Customized Fortune Cookie Variety Flavors Optional Over 100 Gifts Table Gifts Gifts QUOTES Daily Fortune Cookies

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